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Aluminum Layher Scaffolding

Technical Parameters:

Material Aluminum
Standard EN12811
Certificate CE
Main Parts standard, ledger, barace
Application Maintenance, Decoration


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Shizhan Group Provide the service from design, production, install instruction, we can design the scaffolding solution base on your project, 

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Aluminum Layher Scaffolding is very suitable for special applications. Compared with traditional scaffolding systems, the lower material weight makes it much easier to deploy Aluminum Layher Scaffolding, so more efficient component handling and faster assembly and disassembly are possible. This makes the system very suitable for difficult-to-access projects, projects with strict environmental control, and projects with tight timeliness.
Aluminum Layher Scaffolding
Safety and quality you can trust
Aluminum Layher Scaffolding is the world's leading scaffolding product. It redefines the performance, quality and safety of products. We are the manufacturer and innovator of scaffolding technology trusted by many people. The purpose of all the products we produce is to make the work of users and companies easier, more efficient and safer. The company manufactures products with the highest quality and safety standards, using the most extensive testing procedures and equipment that comply with domestic and international regulations. Our Aluminum Layher Scaffolding is widely compatible with equipment and accessories.
Aluminum Layher Scaffolding

Ensure market expertise
We are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism and service. We have established an excellent team to provide professional services and expert advice when you need it. Each expert is a senior expert in their field to ensure that our customers receive the best service support in the market.

By using the most advanced design software and good installation services, we have worked closely with some of the top contractors in the industry and will develop long-term cooperation. We have extensive resources and experience, coupled with the strong support of our partners, to provide customers with the best shopping experience.

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