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Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding

Technical Parameters:

Material: Aluminum

Type: Ringlock

Size: 0.5, 1m, 2m, or customized

Certificate: CE

Advantage: light weight, strong capacity

Main dimensions of Standard: 0.5 m/1m/1.5 m/2m/2.5 m/3m, Q345 high toughness grade steel Q345, O.D. 48 * 3.2 mm.

Minimum 60µm hot-dipped galvanization ensures the lengthy life span.

60mm size standard is additionally available.

Eight openings on each rosette enable different tight link from ledger to angled brace.


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Product Details

Ringlock scaffolding for sale

For simple, universal options that can be adapted to any structure or shape, please rely on the system bracket. From traditional uses to project applications with unusual dimensions and configurations, the system bracket can be adapted to any structure to meet your needs.

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Wuxi city, Jiangsu

Keywords: Aluminum scaffolding / Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6

Main Tube: 48*4.0mm

Parts Standard: Ledger, Diagonal Brace, Base Collar, Base Jack, Stair, Plank

Size: Customized

Application: Construction, Performace

Scaffolds frequently used in the construction website, will undoubtedly have wall surfaces or greater on the construction website building, scaffold at this time will certainly play a big function, can promote typical construction, construction employees can likewise send important construction items.

SHIZHAN Group Ringlock Scaffolding is made & produced to be one of the most hassle-free and reliable scaffolding system readily available offer for sale. With just a few easy to use components and a hammer, it can be made use of as a shoring system, exterior system along with job gain access to for both the building website and also the industrial field.

Functions of Ringlock Scaffolding

  • Quick erection as well as taking apart with just a hammer
  • Safety and also stability because of inflexible wedge links without loosening
  • Longevity and less maintenance due to high stamina steel and hot-dip galvanizing ending up
  • Can be made use of as shoring support to get to a wonderful height as well as bear heavy tons
  • Can be utilized as façade platform for site staff security and also functioning platform at the height
  • Can be utilized as an access tower with staircases inside to the website at the height

Application of Ringlock Scaffolding

Building sites from domestic & commercial buildings to fly-over roads, metro stations, as well as ship lawns, petrochemical plants, and so on. Light weight aluminum ringlock scaffolding is normally furnished with castor, which can make the mobile scaffold, easier in building and construction.

There are many manufacturers in the world that offer ringlock system scaffolding for sale, so what makes you choose to buy ringlock system scaffolding from Shizhan Group, let us explain to you the following.

1、All parts of aluminum alloy ringlock system scaffolding for sale are made of special aluminum alloy, which is 75% lighter than traditional steel scaffolding.

2、High strength of parts connection: Adopting new cold work process of internal expansion and external pressure, the breaking pull-off force of scaffold joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, much larger than the permitted pull-off force of 2100Kg.

3、Ringlock system scaffolding for sale is easy and quick installation; equipped with high strength casters, can be moved.

4、The whole structure of ringlock system scaffolding for sale adopts "building block" combination design, without any installation tools.

Ringlock Scaffolding system

For simple, universal options that can be adapted to any structure or shape, please rely on the system bracket. From traditional uses to project applications with unusual dimensions and configurations, the system bracket can be adapted to any structure to meet your needs. The ringlock Scaffolding system is also the "preferred" scaffolding for ships, water tanks, marine engineering, boiler rooms, confined spaces and renovation projects.

The functions of ringlock scaffolding system

  • Vertical column ring group 360° placement
  • Each ring group can connect up to eight horizontal members
  • Horizontal lines can be connected at any angle

The ring groups are spaced every 21 inches on the vertical columns to allow for flexible platform placement and installation of appropriate guardrails at intervals of up to 7 feetAfter the scaffolding is built, the horizontal and diagonal components can be removed and placed

Contact us to buy ringlock scaffolding system

Use Ringlock scaffolding System to reduce the tedious time of installing scaffolding to increase the height of high-rise buildings. The extremely flexible nature of the Ringlock scaffolding system allows you to speed up the process and complete it in just a few minutes. Thanks to its prefabricated body. Moreover, the process provides greater flexibility and can meet complex geometries. Most importantly, this is the most cost-effective measure compared to its peers. Ease of installation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness enable companies to increase productivity and provide high-quality products. In addition, Ringlock scaffolding System can withstand extreme environmental conditions on land and at sea.

If you need a flexible scaffolding solution, please rely on Ringlock Scaffolding. We provide everything needed for access solutions in China. Don't worry about system scaffolding equipment transportation overseas. For more information, please contact us at 86-15806173768.

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