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Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Technical Parameters:

Material: aluminum 6061/6082-T6

Height: 3-12m
Width: single width 0.8m-1m, double width 1.4m
Length: 1.8-2.5m


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Product Details

Product Name: Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Ladder type: straight climbing ladder

Material parameters: aluminum alloy

Material: aluminum alloy 6061/6082-T6

Tube diameter: 51 mm

Pipe wall thickness: 2 mm

Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is a new type of lightweight mobile scaffolding, the main components are casters, adjustable feet, gantries, cross bars, inclined bars, platform boards, climbing ladders, guardrails, etc. The movement of Aluminum Scaffolding Tower mainly relies on four 8-inch polyurethane double brake universal wheels, universal wheels can The universal wheel can be rotated 360°, which is not limited by the direction in the process of moving and can be adjusted in any direction, and the matching adjustable feet can be adjusted in height up to 30cm.

Platform load-bearing capacity: 200KG per square meter, total frame load-bearing capacity: 900KG

Basic product configuration: casters, adjustable feet, working platform board, horizontal bar, inclined bar, double-wide aluminum frame, double-wide ladder aluminum frame, kick plate, external support. (Note: the number of product accessories selected for different heights of aluminum scaffolding is different)

Features Description.

1、Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is lightweight and sturdy. Aluminum alloy material, light weight, effectively improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity; quick assembly aluminum alloy scaffolding, mobile design, easy to build, no scattered parts.

2、Easy to build and dismantle, simple erection method, no need for any installation tools.

3、Saving space, the horizontal bar and diagonal bar are designed with single tube. All parts can be stacked, compact structure, can save a lot of space, thus providing users with convenient storage and transportation.

4、Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is fast to set up and dismantle, the platform is solid and safe, the work at height is stable and the construction is safer.

5、Aluminum Scaffolding Tower adopts high-strength polyurethane casters, with super strong bearing capacity and can effectively protect the ground, with casters that can be moved, solving the problem of building a large area of scaffolding.

Product Description

6 meter aluminium scaffold tower/telescopic scaffold/construction scaffold for sale

Model Number
Brand Name
Place of Origin
China (Mainland)
China (Mainland)
wuxi city,jiangsu
Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower
Aluminum Alloy
Main tube
Main part
horizontal ledger,diagonal brace, vertical frame, plank, caster
1.8m L x1.46m W x 6m hight, or base on your requirement
Total height
Load capacity











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