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Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Technical Parameters:

Material Aluminum Alloy 
Height 3-12m for option
Width: 0.8m, 1.4m
Certificate: CE
Applicaton: Work platform


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Product Details

Item Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower
Height  3-12m for option
Width  SIngle width 0.85m, double width 1.35m
Material Auminum Alloy
Clamb type  Scaffolding frame with ladder, or work platform with stair 
Standard  EN1004

Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower refers to a scaffolding system that can be easily moved from one location to another. It is easy to move and is usually used for such as plastering, painting and any other overhead operations. These tasks require workers to change positions frequently. Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower can meet the needs of workers.

The purpose of Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is to make this process as easy as possible by providing workers with a working platform that can simply move up and down. Workers can load materials such as mortar, cement and blocks on the work platform. After completion, the motor raises the platform to the required height, and another group of workers can unload all materials from the platform. The use of Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower eliminates the need to install the entire scaffolding system on the facade of the building.

Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is widely used in the construction industry and provides solutions for outdoor and indoor passages. Wherever a safe and stable working platform is required, mobile scaffolding can be used. Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is extremely versatile and can provide a powerful and safe working platform in various situations.

Safety instructions:
1. The scaffolding must be level.
2. During work, do not lean on the side baffle.
3. The wheel rods and caster rods in the scaffolding legs must be firm.
4. Screw jacks must be used to ensure that the scaffold is level.
5. During the installation of the mobile channel tower, it is best to use temporary guardrail supports.
6. Snow and rain on the working platform will make the surface slippery, so the platform must be kept clean to avoid harmful falls.
7. In order to prevent the scaffold from collapsing and to keep its vertical components together and automatically aligned, diagonal brackets, cross brackets, horizontal brackets, etc. must be used.
8. In order to fix it in place when using scaffolding, wheel locks must be used. Or use any other method to ensure stability to lock the wheels and casters.
9. The mobile scaffolding system is easy to move, which is why it is much lighter than the conventional scaffolding system. Therefore, wind is an important factor that must be considered when using mobile scaffolding. If the wind speed exceeds 7 meters per second, please stop working on the tower.

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