Role of Aluminum stage barrier Aluminum stage barriers are used to protect important areas. It can be used to prevent a large number of people or audience from entering the range that is not allowed to enter, or to resist the potentially dangerous crowd surging, to prevent the danger caused by crowd turmoil, to achieve the effect of safety protection. In the performance audience always like to crowd to the stage entrance, especially for the safety of the actors is very dangerous, relying on personnel to maintain order is very difficult. This aluminum stage barrier designed for the audience can effectively isolate the audience from the stage, and the outside world from the performance site to reduce the occurrence of accidents. Advantages of Aluminum stage barrier 1.Aluminum stage barrier is made of high hardness aluminum alloy material, the pedal has a fine anti-slip pattern. 2.supplemented by high thickness of the four-sided aluminum square tube A B support to achieve its solid Aluminum stage barrier effect. 3.Beautiful and stylish, easy to disassemble, strong and durable. 4.Can be folded, save space and transport costs. 5.Professional welding machine welded out, so you can ensure that the products made can be well docked.




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