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Aluminum Barrier

Technical Parameters:

Material:Aluminum Alloy

Length: 1000mm

Width:    1200mm

Height:   1200mm

Weight:   30kg


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Product Details

Aluminum stage barriers are mainly used to isolate crowds, keep crowds away from dangerous areas, maintain the order and safety of outdoor concerts and weddings, and are specially designed for new anti-riot poles, barriers, and large-scale incidents in the front of the stage. Crowd arrivals, roadblocks, crowd control barriers, crowd barriers, temporary barriers, pedestrian barriers, safety barriers.

Aluminum Barrier introduction

In the performance process all the audience always like to crowd to the front, especially the safety of the actors have a great danger, rely on personnel to maintain order is difficult.

This Aluminum Barrier, can effectively isolate the audience and the stage, and the outside world and the performance site to reduce accidents.

Aluminum Barrier advantages

1. Using high hardness aluminum alloy material, pedal with fine anti-slip pattern.

2. Supplemented by a high thickness of the four-sided aluminum square tube A B support to achieve its solid explosion-proof effect.

3. The market Aluminum Barrier use is relatively single, so t Aluminum Barrier on the basis of the new 0.3 m wide table plate, greatly improving the use of the Aluminum Barrier and the scope, convenient for staff temporary office, temporary placement of goods, bar table bar and other applications.

4.Aluminum Barrier can be folded, save space and transport costs.

5. Professional welding machine on the table welded out, so that you can ensure that the products made can be well docked.

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Aluminum Barrier Advantage


  • Essential steps to strengthen security
  • People stand and control the crowd
  • The barriers are locked side by side to prevent crowds from destroying the barrier wall
  • Powder coating or corrosion-resistant transparent coating on the stage barrier to prevent rust

  • Only two people can set up the barrier in minutes
  • Quickly move and fold to storage position
  • There are storage carts. Each can hold up to 10 crowd control barricades

Concert roadblocks to ensure the safety of crowds, people and performers

Shizhan's lightweight aluminum concert barricades can be used for many years because they are made of high-quality materials and meet the standards of the American Welding Association. Here, every stage obstacle is built for indoor and outdoor use, to deal with the harshest weather conditions and the loudest crowds.

Choosing a stage barricade means that no matter the location, a universal and seamless stage barricade system can be created. You will always have industry experts to help you develop the most cost-effective method.

Shizhan is the ultimate partner when you want to protect entertainers and establish safe areas for attendees and event personnel.

Festival stage barrier or indoor venue barrier?

The main feature of Shizhan stage barrier is adaptability. They are designed to withstand everything from scorching heat to arctic blizzards and everything in between. These crowd control barricades are a great choice for concerts, music festivals or any possible activities with participants, employees and performers.

For professional guidance on planning the ideal aluminum stage barricade system for your event, please call us. We will also let you know about special transactions that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Event barrier
All Shizhan concert barriers are produced in accordance with the American Welding Society D1.2/D1.2M: 2014 Structural Welding Specification for the manufacture and installation of aluminum structures. This ensures unparalleled service life and reliability, which can last for many years. Used with Shizhan, stage obstacles can always be deployed with confidence.

State-of-the-art design to improve safety and simplify setup

Shizhan's stage barricade has extremely durable connector pins that form a wall to provide maximum safety. In addition, the interconnected floors form a horizontal surface, which greatly reduces the risk of tripping (and therefore your liability).

We will never forget the staff. These barriers have spacious but secure cable channels that can be easily passed through the wiring harness and remain protected during the performance. After the performance, you can easily fold it and cram it into the next event. But rest assured, the connector pins are as strong as the barrier itself, so you can leave them as they are for many years.

The main advantage of the aluminum stage barrier is its light weight. They not only reduce the damage to staff, but also can be quickly transferred in an emergency. In fact, many areas now restrict the use of steel stage barriers due to their bulkiness.

Create a custom aluminum stage barrier system in Shizhan

How much space is there between the barrier and the stage? Which barrier combination makes the most sense? What about multiple stages, special effects, etc.?

The Shizhan team has been involved in the industry, not only can develop the most effective products, but also help our customers create the perfect stage barrier system. Call us now for free advice.

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