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Conner Barrier

Technical Parameters:

Material: Steel

Length: 1250mm

Width: 1000mm

Height: 1000mm

Weight: 28kg


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If you often go to some concerts or electric light festival people will find that most of the site are often placed some fences or Conner Barrier, in fact, the main role of Conner Barrier is to separate people, restricted to a certain space inside, of course, more is placed on both sides of the Conner Barrier, and then able to In the middle of paving a road for pedestrians to walk normally, so to a certain extent can also reduce the occurrence of some trampling accidents, of course, the role of Conner Barrier can also cut the site of the site division, to put it more colloquially is to plan the site into several blocks, which also makes the site layout more clear and concise, but also convenient for the work of the site staff.

For the role of some Conner Barrier on the market is actually to be able to prevent the audience from entering the performance site, to avoid a chaotic situation, to allow the audience to enter in an orderly manner, but also so that it can maintain a certain distance from the stage, so as to ensure the normal conduct of the performance, it can be seen that the role of Conner Barrier can not be ignored, of course, it is applied in addition to some concerts and electric light festival, in some of the larger speeches or activities you can often see its figure.

The advantages of the Conner Barrier is in fact quite a lot, and its rise also makes our life and go out more secure, I believe that every product can be widely loved by users will certainly have its reasons, the existence is reasonable, I hope today's related content can help you more profound understanding and understanding of the Conner Barrier!

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