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Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier

Technical Parameters:

Material:aluminum alloy
Length: 1000mm
Width: 1200mm
Height: 1200mm
Weight: 30kg


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Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier Design

The SHIZHAN Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier is a light-weight group control system made from aluminium. Light weight aluminum phase obstacle generally made use of to separate the crowd, allow the group away from hazardous locations, keeping the order and security for Exterior concert & Wedding Component, events、disposal of mass cases of particularly made a brand-new type of riot bar, obstacle, front of phase, crowd arriers, barricades, group control barriers, crowd barriers, short-term barrier, pedestrian barriers, safety and security barrier、mobile crowd control barrier.

Aluminium crowd control barrier

Advantages of Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier

· Sheet influence resistance up to 10500 livestock

· Quick installment without device operation

· Upright baffle of Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier, unique open mold and mildew style, do not need to set up the pin and press it down

· TUV qualification.

· Crowd control barriers retractable, can be loaded in carts to save material transport turn over time.

· Rounded hole style of Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier is small, to avoid people's fingers stuck in the opening.

· The front slope design of Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier stops kickers and also spectators from resting on the floor.

Applications of Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier

The SHIZHAN Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier was developed for usage as a safety and security gadget to control crowds in different kinds of occasions ranging from pop concerts to outside events. The Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier uses a mix of optimal safety and security as well as comfort for the target market in addition to a secure workspace for rescue employees. The SHIZHAN Group Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier is made as a demountable framework; setup and setting up fast as well as very easy, calling for a minimum amount of tooling.

In addition to the criterion 1 m sections, Aluminium Crowd Control Barrier System can be provided including a number of edge types, with extended platform areas, Additionally, SHIZHAN Group can costomerlize the Crowd barrier featuring your own demand.

For many years, SHIZHAN has established a variety of complementary products that provide Ranging from phase systems, Illumination Truss to crowd control systems, SHIZHAN Group supplies prolonged options for in- and exterior events. Whether you have a dancing performance, need multilevel staging, require integrated group control services, these versatile systems adapt quickly to all demands.Welcome to call us.

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