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Steel Barrier

Technical Parameters:

Length: 1250mm
Width: 1000mm
Height: 1000mm

Weight: 28kg

Surface: powder coated


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As the life of many young people is getting better and better, many people are gradually improving their own quality of life, such as people now more will also go to some large performances or concerts, but you for the concert site of some materials do not understand it, whether the site of the materials, or a stage arrangement, or some table and chair configuration, many people are not very clear about it, to say Today to talk about the Steel Barrier it, most of its use is still used to control some crowd access, isolation area, or to protect some important people and equipment and the existence of, but also in some of the more professional large tours and activities in the application, mainly as a temporary Steel Barrier role.

Compared with the old-style iron horse guardrail, Steel Barrier will seem stronger, and anti-collision and anti-push down, simply a sheet can withstand three adults push not to fall, and the height can also be designed according to the actual needs, and with the slope of the structure design can completely eliminate the pedestrian foot hit Steel Barrier situation, and the striping process is also to make it particularly beautiful and good-looking.

Steel Barrier is made of steel, good formability and weldability, Steel Barrier strength is also quite high, and Steel Barrier corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance is also excellent, the stability of the material is also quite good, Steel Barrier service life is also relatively long, long-term in the outdoors is not easy to be corroded, coupled with the installation is relatively simple and fast, and also has a number of buckle lock link, which also makes it will Steel Barrier link to get more solid.

Steel BarrierSteel Barrier

Steel Barrier

Steel Barrier

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