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Coupler Clamp

Technical Parameters:

Material: 6061-T6

Diameter: 48-51mm
Certificate: TUV


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Coupler Clamp

Coupler Clamp
How Shizhan Group Coupler Clamp connects the coupler clamp to the truss, pipe or pipe
1. Turn the release wing nut counterclockwise to release the bolt and open the collar.
2. Clamp the coupler on the truss, pipe or pipe, and then close the collar.
3. Use washers and wing nuts above the collar and put the bolts back in place.
4. Before tightening the wing nut, please make sure to fix the coupler clamp in the proper position on the truss, pipe or pipe.
5. Turn the wing nut clockwise to tighten and secure the coupler clamp in place.

Do not exceed the load capacity of the coupler clamp or truss system. Before use, the coupler clamp should be fully checked. In the event of any damage or defect, do not use the coupling clamp. It is recommended to use a safety cable for maximum safety.

specification of Coupler Clamp:
Professional clamps with semi-connector accessories provide you with a variety of truss manufacturing options
, Made of the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
TUV Nord certified
Global Truss Authorized Distributor

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