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Eye Clamp

Technical Parameters:

Material: 6061-T6

Diameter: 48-51mm
Certificate: TUV


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Eye Clamp

Safely fixed suspension device: Shizhan group Products' 360-degree Eye Clamp is specially designed for professional lighting applications, and any fixed device can be safely fixed on trusses and pipes.
There are many sizes to choose from: There are many sizes to meet your needs. Hang the fixture safely on a truss, truss bracket or crossbar with a 360-degree safety bracket you can trust.
Heavy-duty professional design: The Pro Series Eye Clamp is made of heavy-duty aluminum, strong enough to withstand the maximum load. Shizhan group's Pro Series Clamps combine reliable strength and durability.
Necessity of the toolbox: Keep the 360-degree Eye Clamps of Shizhan group Products in the lighting toolbox, and put safety first. Don't risk it by not pressing the clamps!
The versatility of lighting design: Eye Clamp allows the lamps to be hung in non-traditional places, including trusses, cross braces, poles or telegraph poles, so as to have the opportunity to diversify your lighting display.

If you are one of the customers who use Shizhan group lighting hardware and truss systems, then you will know the high standards they use in producing all their products. From stage to floor support to truss furniture, Shizhan group's reputation depends on professional-grade materials and craftsmanship, which can withstand the most use. This aluminum travel clip with eye bolts (50mm hose for F31 to F34 and F44P GT trusses) is fixed by steel bolts, wing nuts and lock washers to ensure it is firmly clamped to the soft truss On the tube. It also has heavy-duty steel eye bolts, and the fixture weighs only 1.3 pounds. However, its maximum capacity is 440 pounds. A pair of 50mm pipe clamps is no problem even for the heaviest arrays or lamps.

Shizhan group Eye Clamp
How to fix Eye Clamp on a truss, pipe or pipe
1. Turn the release wing nut counterclockwise to release the bolt and open the clamp ring.
2. Put the Eye Clamp on the truss, pipe or tube and close the clamp ring.
3. Use washers and wing nuts above the collar and put the bolts back in place.
4. Before tightening the wing nut, make sure that the JR eye is clamped in the correct position on the truss, pipe or pipe.
5. Turn the wing nut clockwise to tighten and fix the JR eye clamp in place.

Do not exceed the load capacity of the Eye Clamp or truss system. Eye Clamp should be fully checked before use. Do not use Eye Clamp when any damage or defect occurs. It is recommended to use a safety cable for maximum safety.

Eye Clamp
Jr fixtures with eye bolts can be used to install shackles, Gac Flex round slings and other rigging lifting equipment. M8 round eye hook attachment, made of the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
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