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Single Clamp

Technical Parameters:

Material: 6061-T6

Diameter: 48-51mm
Certificate: TUV


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Product Details

Single Clamp is a device used to hold pipes in place at the joints between pipes on a scaffold structure. Scaffold structures are used on construction sites to allow workers to safely and securely climb to higher heights. Scaffolds are usually made of strong materials, high grade metals such as steel. Each steel pipe must be attached to another steel pipe to form a sturdy structure. at each joint, Single Clamp can be used to form an angle or a straight line and hold the member used securely. single Clamp is used to secure pipe joints to the scaffold. Size, shape, and function of Single Clamps can vary. Single Clamps are usually T-shaped to accommodate three or more scaffold pipes, and once the pipes are in place, the Single Clamp can be tightened, usually using a system of nuts and bolts to hold each member in place. The overall structure may use multiple Single Clamps or connection points at each joint. These points may not always be at an angle. Two horizontal pipes may be held together with a horizontal Single Clamp, for example, and this Single Clamp design is very different from the Single Clamp used at an angle. Sometimes Scaffold Clamps are designed to be rotatable. This allows the builder to create custom angles or positions of two or more pipes in relation to each other. Once the pipes are properly positioned, the Swivel Clamp can be tightened in that position. These types of hardware are often used when cross bracing is located between vertical pipes, creating an X shape between the struts. There are other applications for this particular type of clamp, and the clamp is one of the more versatile pieces of hardware used in the structure. Most clamps are made of high quality hardened steel, although aluminum clamps can sometimes be used however, steel clamps are much stronger and less likely to break or fail. Nuts and bolts are usually used to hold the parts in place, although wing nut systems and quick release systems are also available. These two systems make installation and removal of clamps quick and easy, but special care must be taken to ensure that these systems are properly tightened during installation; otherwise, the joint may fail and the structure may become unstable. For added security and safety, the clamps that secure the platform to the pipe are usually tightened using only bolts.

Single Clamp

Single Clamp

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