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X-Pro Clamp

Technical Parameters:

Material: 6061-T6

Diameter: 48-51mm

Certificate: TUV

Load Capacity: 200kgs


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Product Details

Product Description
Product name pipe clamp bracket
Material Aluminum alloy 6061-T6
Width 32-35mm
Weight 0.187kg
Use stage light hook
Other colors available to specify order


Scaffolding clamps can be divided into right angle clamps and x-pro clamp, butt clamps, etc. The most commonly used in the process of building Concert Truss Stage is x-pro clamp. x-pro clamp can be divided into two kinds of movable clamps and universal clamps, butt clamps can be divided into One-way clamps and direct clamps, etc.. No matter what kind of clamps, they have good performance such as anti-breaking, anti-slip, anti-rust, etc., and scaffolding clamps are light, beautiful, faster loading and unloading speed makes the labor intensity relatively weakened.

This kind of scaffolding clamps has good practicality in the actual construction, and also brings a lot of convenience for our production life.


global truss x-pro clamp

How to buy x-pro clamp

1. When buying x-pro clamp, you first need to ensure that there is a good professional x-pro clamp manufacturers, because only to ensure that there is a very good choice of manufacturers can make x-pro clamp in the use of the best results. If you do not ensure that there is a good choice of manufacturers, it will inevitably lead directly to the x-pro clamp in the use of a very big impact.


2. X-pro clamp production method for the hot stamping process, increasing the toughness of the clamps, not easy to deform, so that the bayonet connection surface area increased, thus increasing the contact area, increasing the friction, so that the construction clamps more secure and reliable.Scaffolding clamps must be used with factory certificate of conformity. The surface of the clamp should be rust-proof treatment, clamps should be flexible rotation of the moving parts, when the clamp clamping steel pipe, the minimum distance at the opening should be not less than 5 mm.


3. In addition to choosing a good manufacturer, but also need to buy x-pro clamp when the price of the product has a very good understanding of the product, so as to ensure that they can have better results when using these products play.

Packaging & Shipping

 global truss x-pro clamp for saleglobal truss x-pro clamp export


Company Information

 shizhan company informationtruss related productsx-pro clamp Certification



1. Q: What certificate do SHIZHAN GROUPS have?   

A: -TUV certificate for products, welders and whole company. 
    -ISO9001 for whole company
    -CE for truss and scaffolding
    -BV for whole company
    -SGS for whole company
    -22 patents
    -Many honoured certificates
2. Q: What is the terms of payment?    
     A: We accept Western Union, by T/T, 30% of invoice value as deposit, 70% balance paid before shipment, and some others.
3. Q: Where is the loading port?    
     A: Port Huangpu in Guangzhou or Ports in Shenzhen.
4. Q: What is your packaging?    
     A: Air bubble film or carton or flight case.
5. Q: How long the deliver time?    
     A: General it is about 5-15 days.
6. Q: What is your after-sales service?   
     A: Free parts provided once broken within one year.
7. Q: Do SHIZHAN GROUP accept OEM order?    
     A: Yes, we welcome OEM order as well.
8. Q: Do SHIZHAN GROUP accept customized logo order?   
     A: Yes, we can make logo on the truss for clients.

9. Q: Why choose us?   

    A:There are many reasons for you to choose SHIZHAN GROUP, which can bring you good quality  and competitive price

        -16 years factory for truss, stage, scaffolding, barricade, etc.,
        -32,000 square meter area
        -19 branches
        -11 Patents
        -Two aluminum profile casting lines which can make our cost much competitive
        - Gained ISO9001/CE/TUV/BV/SGS certificates for company and products
        - 7 engineers for designing and develop new products and projects
        -5 QC staff to check from material to final production
        - Over 10 CNC devices
        -Over 20 welding lines


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