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Aluminum Spigot Truss

Technical Parameters:

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

Main Tube: 50x3.0mm

Vice Tube: 25x2.0mm

Brace: 20x2.0mm

Connect: Spigot

Color: Silver or black, blue, green...

Size: 200x200mm - 600x1000mm for option

Length: 0.5m, 1.0m 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m

Certificate: CE, SGS, TUV


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Product Details
A Spigot truss is a framework, which consists of rafters, messages, as well as struts, and also allows to sustain various structures and is commonly made use of in audio and also lights feald. Spigot truss is a body that "consists of two-force participants only, where the team of people that has actually arranged to ensure that the assembled overall as well as acts like a single item". A 'two-forced participant' is developed by parts where force is applied in 2 factors.

Shizhan Aluminum Spigot Truss on sales

Aluminum Square Spigot Truss
Aluminum Circle Spigot Truss

Aluminum Triangle Spigot Truss

Aluminum Spigot Truss

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Aluminum Spigot Truss details

  • Truss Material: Aluminum alloy 6082-T6
  • Light duty truss: 200*200mm; 250*250mm
  • Medium duty truss: 290*290mm; 300*300mm; 350*350mm; 300*400mm ; 400*400mm; 450*450mm; 400*600mm
  • Heavy duty truss: 520*760mm ; 600*760mm; 600*1000mm
  • Main tube thickness: 30*2mm; 50*3mm; 50*4mm; 50*5mm
  • Vice tube thickness: 18*2mm; 20*2.5mm; 25*2.5mm
  • Brace tube thickness: 20*2mm; 25*2mm; 30*2mm
  • Length: 0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/4m or custom size
  • Truss type: Spigot or bolt
  • Truss Shape: Ladder truss, triangular truss, square truss, arch truss, circle truss
  • Color: Silver or black, blue, green...
  • Usage: Concert, new product release, fashion show, booth stand construction
  • Delivery Time: 15 working days

Aluminum SpigotTruss thoroughly

1 、 It is made up of worldwide typical Aluminum alloy 6061-T6/ 6082-T6.
2 、 Imported welding rod.
3 、 Weight Loading is inspected prior to delivery.
4 、 Layouts are done by professionals of your selection openly.

Light Weight Aluminum Spigot Truss Use

For interior: Live stages, Stages, Theaters, Exhibit Cubicles, Vehicle cubicle, Wedding event, and so on
For outdoor: Event Event, LED display screen structure, Concert, Exhibition Display, Church setups mobile applications and so on

Attribute of Aluminum Spigot Truss

It can be changed and also can be used again and also can provide lifelong solution.
Rustproof, fire-poof, hardwearing, light in weight, high load capacity.
Spigot truss is far more preferred and also continent to organize than the screw truss as well as conveniently transportable as well as in supply.
Premium Quality: Delicate workmanship guarantees the top quality of the items. Aluminum SpigotTruss can perfectly attach with worldwide truss.

Aluminum Spigot Truss installment suggestions

Range: 1-12m
If the variety of beam is less than 12m, it offers a 290 * 290 mm truss.

Variety: 12-18m
If the array of light beam is in between 12m to 16m it supplies a 400 * 400 mm truss.

Variety: 18-22m
If the series of light beam is between 16m to 20m it provides a 500 * 500 mm truss.

Range: greater than 22m
If the variety of light beam is more than 20m it provides a 760 * 600 mm truss.


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