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Circle Spigot Truss

Technical Parameters:

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

Main Tube: 50x3.0mm

Vice Tube: 25x2.0mm

Brace: 20x2.0mm

Connect: Spigot

Color: Silver or black, blue, green...

Size: 200x200mm - 600x1000mm for option

Length: 0.5m, 1.0m 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m

Certificate: CE, SGS, TUV


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Product Details

Introducing the Circle Spigot Truss by Shizhan Group – Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Event Infrastructure!
Shizhan Group takes pride in presenting the Circle Spigot Truss, a cutting-edge product that revolutionizes event infrastructure with its unparalleled design and functionality. Tailored to meet the demands of the most dynamic events, this truss system is the epitome of strength, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

Description of Circle Spigot Truss

Truss Material           Aluminum alloy 6082-T6

Light duty truss         200*200mm; 250*250mm

Medium duty truss     290*290mm; 300*300mm; 350*350mm; 300*400mm ; 400*400mm; 450*450mm; 400*600mm

Heavy duty truss       520*760mm ; 600*760mm; 600*1000mm

Main tube thickness   30*2mm; 50*3mm; 50*4mm; 50*5mm

Vice tube thickness    18*2mm; 20*2.5mm; 25*2.5mm

Brace tube thickness  20*2mm; 25*2mm; 30*2mm

Length                      0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/4m or custom size

Truss type                 Spigot or bolt

Truss Shape               Ladder truss, triangular truss, square truss, arch truss, circle truss

Color                         Silver or black, blue, green...

Usage                       Concert, new product release, fashion show, booth stand construction

Delivery Time            15 working days

Advantage of Circle Spigot Truss:

1. Reliability

We have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing performance equipment. Our leading design team and strict

The quality control system ensures the quality of each product.

2. Faster delivery

With our own factory and product line, we can ensure high-speed delivery. More importantly, we have accumulated abundant resources in transportation channels, which also ensures that we can deliver on time.

3. Low price of Circle Spigot Truss

We are committed to providing all customers with the highest performance products. We have our own factories and large-scale production lines.

Technical index

1. Quality of Circle Spigot Truss:

We have introduced equipment, trained high-quality welding technicians, and selected high-quality raw materials. We will provide consumers with high-quality and safe products.

2. Price of Circle Spigot Truss:

In the context of high quality and reasonable profit, we provide our consumers with the most competitive prices.

3. Service:

Treat our consumers sincerely! Do our best to provide you with convenient and efficient communication channels and establish a good reputation. We will keep our promise and take action effectively! Don't hesitate to contact us immediately!

Key Features:
Innovative Circular Design: The Circle Spigot Truss boasts a sleek and modern circular design, adding a touch of sophistication to any event setting. Its innovative structure not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides maximum stability.

Robust Construction: Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, our truss system ensures durability and strength. The robust construction guarantees reliable support for various applications, from concerts and exhibitions to corporate events and beyond.

Effortless Assembly: Designed for convenience, the Circle Spigot Truss is easy to assemble, saving you valuable time during event setup. The spigot connection system ensures a secure and seamless fit, allowing for a hassle-free installation process.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're organizing a concert, trade show, or product launch, this truss system adapts effortlessly to diverse event requirements. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for event planners and production professionals seeking a reliable solution.

Customization Options: Shizhan Group understands the importance of customization. Our Circle Spigot Truss can be tailored to meet specific design preferences and load-bearing requirements, providing a personalized touch to your event infrastructure.

Compliance with Safety Standards: Safety is our top priority. The Circle Spigot Truss is designed and manufactured in compliance with industry safety standards, ensuring a secure environment for both performers and audiences.

Elevate your events to new heights with the Circle Spigot Truss from Shizhan Group. We are committed to delivering top-notch event solutions that set the stage for success. Choose Shizhan Group for reliability, innovation, and excellence in event infrastructure.

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