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Galvanized Ringlock Scaffolding

Technical Parameters:

Material Steel
Main tube 48.3mm
Surface Galvanized
Height Base on project
Certificate: CE
Applicaton: Construction, Concert


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Product Details

Material  Steel or Aluminum for option
Type  Ringlock
Specification OD48.3mm tube
Load Capcity Steel (5 Ton), Aluminum ( 1 Ton)
Certificate CE
Application Construction, Equipement Install, Decoration, Mainterance

scaffolding galvanized for sale

What is galvanized scaffolding?
Although most people would think that galvanized scaffolding is cheap because it does not require paint, the opposite is true. Although galvanized scaffolding is not as common as painted scaffolding, it requires an additional process to galvanize the metal to protect it from oxidation and corrosion. Although no paint is involved, the galvanizing process takes longer to complete the additional steps and is therefore more expensive for consumers. The main reason why painted scaffolding systems are more popular than galvanized scaffolding systems is due to cost differences.

The biggest advantage of buying galvanized scaffolding is that the life expectancy is much longer than that of painted scaffolding. When the paint is scratched, the metal is exposed to the elements and deteriorates quickly, so frequent maintenance and repair are required. On the other hand, the galvanizing system is protected from oxidation and rust during the entire life cycle, and its operating cost is lower than that of painted scaffolding. Due to the excellent quality, galvanized scaffolding systems are used in most offshore and oil and gas industries.

Why is galvanized scaffolding more expensive?
Although galvanized scaffolding is very popular, it is not common as a painting system because of their different costs. Ordinary people would think that an unpainted system is cheaper than a painted system. This assumption is incorrect! Since the scaffolding is a fully galvanized system, it needs to go through additional procedures, so it can be fully galvanized and seal the metal to prevent all corrosion and rust. The entire process of galvanizing is more time-consuming and therefore more expensive for manufacturers and customers.

If the price of galvanized scaffolding is high, why buy galvanized scaffolding?
①The service life of the galvanized scaffolding system is longer than that of the painting system, and it requires less maintenance and repair.
②The galvanized scaffolding system is worth the asking price.
③Many offshore oil, gas and marine industries choose fully galvanized scaffolding systems (in most cases, fully galvanized cup locks are selected).

Advantages of galvanized scaffolding
1. Compared with painted scaffolding systems, fully galvanized scaffolding systems require much less maintenance.
2. In addition, the galvanized bracket system has a longer service life. It can be installed in harsh offshore environments without the risk of paint falling off, so as to avoid corrosion and rust.
3. The "extra cost" paid for purchasing the galvanized scaffolding system is saving future maintenance costs. In contrast, a painted scaffolding system can save money in the short term; however, you will eventually need to pay long-term costs for the maintenance and repair of the scaffolding.

If your budget allows for a long-term investment in a fully galvanized scaffolding system, you can choose to do so because it saves long-term maintenance costs.


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