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Scaffolding Aluminum Planks

Technical Parameters:

Material: Steel/Aluminum

Surface: Galvanized , Aluminum
Width: 228.6mm, 240mm, 320mm, 450mm, 610mm


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Product Details

Shizhan Group provide different width plank, steel or aluminum material for option.

Steel type is cheaper, strong.

Aluminum is more expensive than steel, but very light and strong.

Base on your project requirement, please send your request to us.

Advantages of Scaffolding Aluminum Planks

1、Scaffolding Aluminum Planks have high recycling rate, long service life, easy to install and disassemble conveniently, and can still pay garbage disposal fee after being scrapped.

2, Scaffolding Aluminum Planks row of convex hole depiction, both to reduce the weight, while playing a non-slip, anti-deformation. Both sides of the I-beam depiction increases the fastness and strength, anti-sand accumulation, and makes its appearance beautiful and elegant, strong and anti-slip.

3、The shape of Scaffolding Aluminum Planks makes it easier to be lifted and installed, and to be stacked neatly at leisure.

4、The material of Scaffolding Aluminum Planks is made of carbon steel with cold processing, and the service life can be about 5-8 years through hot-dip galvanizing technology.

5、The use of Scaffolding Aluminum Planks has become a trend at home and abroad, greatly enhancing the company's construction qualification and taking a big step forward.


Features of Scaffolding Aluminum Planks

Scaffolding Aluminum Planks have fireproof, anti-sand accumulation, light weight, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, concave and convex holes on the surface, both sides of the I-beam design effect is more practical than similar products, the hole distance is neatly formed standard, beautiful appearance, long use time (normal construction can be used continuously for 6-8 years) Scaffolding Aluminum Planks bottom sand leakage hole process plays a role in anti-sand accumulation, especially It is suitable for the use of sandblasting workshop in shipbuilding factory. The price of Scaffolding Aluminum Planks is lower than that of wooden planks, and the investment can still be recovered by 35%-40% after years of scrapping.

Scaffolding Plank

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