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Steel Ringlock Scaffolding

Technical Parameters:

Material: Q345/Q235 steel tube

Surface: Hot-dip Galvanized
Usage: Construction, Performances
Certificate: CE
Original: China


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Product Details

Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is the scaffolding erected outside the external wall. Its main structural forms are steel pipe fastener type, bowl buckle type, door type, square tower type, attached lift scaffolding and suspended scaffolding. Steel Ringlock Scaffolding should be vigorously promoted in the building construction.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is one of the multi-pole external scaffolding. Its characteristics are: the number of rod fittings is small; easy to load and unload, facilitate construction operations; flexible erection, can erect a large height; strong and durable, easy to use.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is composed of uprights, large crossbars, small crossbars, diagonal braces and scaffold plates. Its characteristic is that each step of the scaffolding height can be flexibly arranged according to the construction needs.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is divided into two forms: double-row type and single-row type. The double-row type has two rows of uprights along the outer wall side, and the two ends of the small cross bars are supported on the inner and outer rows of uprights, which can be used for multi- and high-rise houses, and need special design when the house height exceeds 50m. Single-row type has only one row of uprights along the outside of the wall, the small crossbar is connected with the big crossbar, and the other end is supported on the wall, which is only applicable to multi-storey houses with small load, low height and certain strength of the wall.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is a scaffolding skeleton composed of standard steel pipe rods and special fasteners with scaffolding plates, protective elements, wall connectors, etc. It is the most commonly used type of scaffolding at present.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding erection requirements

(1) Steel Ringlock Scaffolding erection range of the foundation should be compacted and leveled, good drainage treatment, to prevent water soaking the foundation.

(2)The distance between the large crossbar steps and small crossbar spacing in the uprights can be selected according to the table, and the step distance of the next layer can be enlarged to 1.8m to facilitate the passage and transportation of the construction workers on the bottom layer.


The basic structure of Steel Ringlock Scaffolding

Steel Ringlock Scaffolding is a multi-functional scaffolding developed by our country with reference to foreign experience, its rod nodes are connected by bowl buckles, as the bowl buckles are fixed on the steel pipe, all the members are connected axially, good mechanical properties, its connection is reliable, the composition of the scaffolding integrity is good, there is no problem of missing fasteners.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding consists of steel pipe uprights, cross bars, bowl buckle joints, etc. Its basic structure and erection requirements are similar to the fastener type steel pipe scaffolding, the difference lies mainly in the bowl buckle joint.


Bowl buckle joint is the core part of the scaffolding system, which consists of upper bowl buckle, lower bowl buckle, crossbar joint and upper bowl buckle limit pin.


The upper bowl buckle, upper bowl buckle limit pin is set at 60cm spacing above the steel pipe uprights, where the lower bowl buckle and limit pin are directly welded to the uprights. When assembling, after aligning the gap of the upper bowl buckle with the limit pin, insert the crossbar joint into the lower bowl buckle, compress and rotate the upper bowl buckle, and use the limit pin to fix the upper bowl buckle. The bowllock joint can be connected to 4 crossbars at the same time and can be perpendicular to each other or deflected by a certain angle.


Steel Ringlock Scaffolding erection requirements

The horizontal distance of steel ringlock scaffolding column is 1.2m, the vertical distance can be 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m according to the scaffolding load, and the step distance is 1.8m, 2.4m. When erecting, the joint length of the uprights should be staggered, and the uprights of the first layer should be staggered with the uprights of 1.8m and 3.0m long, and the uprights of 3.0m long are used upwards, and then 1.8m and 3.0m lengths are used to find the top layer. Leveling. The verticality of scaffolding below 30m high should be within 1/200, and the verticality of scaffolding above 30m high should be controlled at 1/400~1/600, and the deviation of total high verticality should be no more than 100mm.

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  3. Description


  Material: Q345, Ø48.3x3.2mm

  Length: 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m

  Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized



  Material: Q345, Ø48x3.2mm

  Length: 0.73m, 1.07m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, 3.07m or customized

  Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized


  Diagonal Brace:

  Material: Q235, Ø48.3x2.5mm

  Length: 0.73x2.0m, 1.07x2.0m, 1.57x2.0m, 2.57x2.0m, 3.07x2.0m, 1.07x1.5m, 1.57x1.5m, or customized

  Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized


  Steel Plank:

  Material: Q235 steel

  Width: 320mm/240mm/228.6mm width

  Length: 0.73m, 1.07m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, 3.07m or customized

  Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized


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