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U-head Screw Jack

Technical Parameters:

Material: Steel

Surface:  Galvanized
Usage: Construction Formwork Shoring
Length: 500-600mm


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Product Details

Item: U-head Screw Jack

Height: 500-600mm

Diameter: 34-48mm for option

1. Technologically advanced

U-head Screw Jack as a steel scaffolding parts adopts the disc type connection is the international mainstream scaffolding connection, reasonable node design can achieve the transmission of force through the node center, mainly used in Europe and the United States and regions, is the scaffolding of the upgrade products, mature technology, solid connection, stable structure, safe and reliable.


2、Upgraded raw materials

The main materials of U-head Screw Jack are all made of low alloy structural steel (National Standard Q345B), which is 1.5--2 times stronger than the traditional carbon steel pipe (National Standard Q235) of scaffolding, and is a more excellent steel scaffolding parts.


3、Hot-dip galvanizing process

The main parts of U-head Screw Jack are all made of internal and external hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion process, which not only improves the service life of steel scaffolding parts, but also provides further guarantee for safety, and at the same time, it is beautiful and pretty.


4、Reliable quality

U-head Screw Jack starts from the use of materials and the whole product processing has to go through 20 processes, each process is carried out by machines to reduce the intervention of human factors, especially for the production of cross bars and uprights, the fully automatic welding special machine developed independently is used to achieve high precision, interchangeability, stable and reliable quality of the steel scaffolding parts.


5、Large load-bearing capacity

U-head Screw Jack has an allowable load-bearing capacity of 9.5 tons (safety factor of 2) for a single upright with a height of 5 meters, and the damage load reaches 19 tons, which is 2-3 times of the traditional steel scaffolding parts.


6、Less dosage and light weight

Generally, the spacing of U-head Screw Jack uprights is 1.5m and 1.8m, and the step distance of cross bars is 1.5m, and the large spacing can reach 3m and the step distance reaches 2m. Therefore, the amount of the same support volume will be reduced by 1/2 and the weight will be reduced by 1/2~1/3 compared with traditional products.


7、Fast assembly, easy to use, save money

U-head Screw Jack can be assembled more conveniently by the operator because of the small amount and light weight. The cost of erection and disassembly, transportation, rental and maintenance will be saved accordingly, generally 30%.

As an excellent supplier of steel scaffolding parts, Shizhan Group will provide you with the best quality steel scaffolding parts.


U-head Screw Jack

U-head Screw Jack

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