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12 inch aluminum square box truss

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters
Material:aluminum alloy
Main Tube: Ø50x3.0mm
Brace: Ø20x2.0mm
Connect: Spigot
Color: Silver or black, red,...
Size: 200x200mm - 600x1000mm for option
Length: 0.5m, 1.0m 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m, or customized
Certificate: CE, TUV


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Product Details

12 aluminum box truss

12 aluminum box truss

Truss Material Aluminum alloy 6082-T6
Light duty truss 200*200mm; 250*250mm
Medium duty truss 290*290mm; 300*300mm; 350*350mm
300*400mm ; 400*400mm; 450*450mm; 400*600mm
Heavy duty truss 520*760mm ; 600*760mm; 600*1000mm 
Main tube thickness 30*2mm; 50*3mm; 50*4mm; 50*5mm
Vice tube thickness 18*2mm; 20*2.5mm; 25*2.5mm
Brace tube thickness 20*2mm; 25*2mm; 30*2mm
Length 0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/4m or custom size
Truss type Spigot  or bolt
Truss Shape Ladder truss, triangular truss, square truss, arch truss, circle truss    
Color Silver or black, blue, green...
Usage Concert, new product release, fashion show, booth stand construction
Delivery Time

15 working days

Structural characteristics of 12 inch aluminum square box truss

The 12 inch aluminum square box truss is mainly subjected to unidirectional tension and compression. Through the reasonable arrangement of the upper and lower chords and webs of the 12 inch aluminum square box truss, the bending moment and shear force distribution inside the structure can be adapted. As the horizontal tension and compression forces are balanced by themselves, the whole 12 inch aluminum square box truss structure does not produce horizontal thrust on the support. Compared with the solid web beam, the truss beam of 12 inch aluminum square box truss has a higher bending strength with the same amount of material because the tension and compression sections are concentrated at the top and bottom ends, which increases the internal force arm. In terms of shear resistance, the shear force can be transferred to the bearing gradually through the reasonable arrangement of webs. Thus, the structure of 12 inch aluminum square box truss can make full use of the material strength in both bending and shear resistance, and is thus suitable for roof structures of various spans of buildings. More importantly, it transforms the complex stress state inside the solid web beam under cross bending into a simple tensile and compressive stress state inside the truss members, which enables us to visualize the distribution and transmission of forces and facilitates the variation and combination of the 12 inch aluminum square box truss structure.

12 aluminum box truss application


Roof truss system, Concert truss, Event truss, Fashion show light truss, Auto Show lighting truss, LED screen truss, Speaker truss, Exhibition booth truss, Staging truss, Lighting truss, etc.

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SHIZHAN certificate

12 aluminum box truss production process

Square Truss size

Light duty Square truss 100*100mm,220*220mm,290*290mm

Medium duty Square truss 300*300mm,390*390mm,400*400mm,450*450mm

Heavy duty Square truss 500*600mm,600*700mm,600*900mm,670*1010mm

Feature: Non rust, light weight, strong, easy to set up and remove

Certificate: TUV,SGS,ISO,CE

12 aluminum box truss packing

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