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Angle Plate Truss

Technical Parameters:

Material:aluminum alloy 6061-T6 6082-T6
Main Tube: 32x2 0mm
Vice Oval Tube: 22x12x1 8mm
Aluminum Angle:40x40x4 0mm
Connect: Bolt
Color: Silver or black, blue, green   
Size: 200x200mm, 308x308mm
Length: 06m, 0 9m  1 2m, 1 5m, 1 8m, 3 6m, or customized


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Product Details

Angle Plate Truss has no special requirements for the erection site, generally flat ground such as sand, grass, asphalt, concrete and tile floor Angle Plate Truss can be.


If you need to disassemble frequently and use it frequently, then Angle Plate Truss is your best choice. With standard 3mm steel plate tightly welded, standard 1.2mm high quality steel pipe and standard 6mm diagonal tension bar, this Angle Plate Truss is unparalleled in terms of quality and installation speed. The Angle Plate Truss is made of high quality steel pipe with standard 6mm diagonal bars.


The frame of Angle Plate Truss is made of high quality aluminum, which is strong and safe. By the senior laminated plate, with high strength, pressure resistance, anti-slip, waterproof, sun protection and other advantages. Angle Plate Truss uses unit combination structure, which can be freely added or divided and built according to the size of the site. The thickness not only gives good pressure resistance, but also extends the service life of the product.

aluminium truss system stage" alt="aluminium truss system stage" />

aluminium truss system stage

aluminium truss system stage

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