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Spigot Truss

Technical Parameters:

Name:Square Aluminum Spigot Truss

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

Main Tube: 50x3.0mm

Vice Tube: 25x2.0mm

Brace: 20x2.0mm

Connect: Spigot

Color: Silver or black, blue, green...

Size: 200x200mm - 600x1000mm for option

Length: 0.5m, 1.0m 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m

Certificate: CE, SGS, TUV


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Product Details

290x290mm Square Aluminum Spigot Truss Loading Table

Square Truss


  • Standard lengths of aluminum spigot truss are 16', 14', 12', 10', 8', 6'and 5', other lengths can be provided upon request.
  • All newly purchased 290x290mm Square Aluminum Spigot Truss can be upgraded to our patent.
  • Slide the journal to create an arch.
  • Includes standard hardware connections.
  • Made of Aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6 sourced and produced in China.Aluminum spigot truss is light weight, good ductility, corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Maintain a longer-lasting smooth appearance than existing standard aluminum materials.
  • Welders certified by AWS D1.2 are manufactured in China.
  • Surface treatment: grinding, polishing, black powder coating. Other colors available upon request
  • Even with the use of good materials, aluminum spigot truss needs years of experience teachers with superb technology welding, better welding process, beautiful welding scars, making aluminum spigot truss not easy to tear, longer service life.

Square Spigot Truss 290x290mm picture

Spigot Aluminum Truss rack details
1、Composed of international standard aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6
2、Imported welding rod
3、Check the weight load before delivery
4、The design is freely completed by the professionals of your choice
Square Aluminum Spigot Truss Usage

It is suitable for exhibition building, store decoration and advertising. This single pipe has the best lifting capacity, and with its lightweight structure shows a low transportation volume.

Indoor: live stage, stage, theater, booth, car booth, wedding, etc.
Outdoor: event gathering, LED display frame, concert, trade fair display, church installation mobile application, etc.
Features of Square Aluminum Spigot Truss
It can be replaced, can be used again, and can provide lifetime service
Rust-proof, fire-proof, wear-resistant, light weight, high carrying capacity
Bolt type trusses are more popular and easier to arrange than bolt type trusses, and are easy to transport and stock
High quality: Superb craftsmanship ensures product quality
The truss can be perfectly connected with the global truss.
Aluminum Spigot truss installation recommendations:

  • Range: 1-12m
If the beam range is less than 12m, a truss of 290 * 290 mm is provided

  • Range: 12-18m
If the beam range is between 12m and 16m, 400 * 400 mm trusses can be provided

  • Range: 18-22m
If the beam range is between 16m and 20m, a 500 * 500 mm truss can be provided

  • Range: more than 22m
If the beam range is greater than 20m, a truss of 760 * 600 mm is provided

Build concert stage truss, concert truss process

Materials required to build a 12*6*6m concert stage: 12*3m concert stage trusses, 8*2m concert trusses, 8*1m concert trusses, 8*diagonal supports, 4*iron bases, 4*counter-heads, 4*square sets, 4*cross-arms, 4*slings, 4*hoists, screws, etc.

Note: Generally, the commonly used aluminum truss column is 300*300MM cross-section, and the truss beam is 300*300MM if the hanging stuff is not very heavy, and 400*400 or 450*450 if the span is large or the hanging light is heavy.

Concert stage truss construction method.

1. First on the ground in the general location of the four concert stage truss base.

2. In the outer part of each base inserted into the bottom part of the diagonal support.

3. The reverse head with screws fixed in the base of the concert truss.

4. Set the square sleeve on the counter head.

5. Link the crossbeams together.

6. The ends of the crossbeam and the two sides of the two square sleeve docking link, at this time the crossbeam part of the ground are assembled.

7. Connect the concert truss lying flat, then screw one end on the counter head and the other end on the cross stretcher, and at the same time link the hanging hoist with the cross stretcher, the hoist is used to lift the cross beam truss below.

8. More than one person together to slowly erect the concert truss, taking care not to push the column too hard, and then fix the screws above the counter head.

9.After the column is erected, hook the hook underneath the suspension hoist through the sling to the crossbeam below.

10.Slowly tug the hanging hoist to pull the beam up;

11.In the beam above the installed lighting and sound equipment.

12.Tugging the hanging hoist to a predetermined height to stop.

13.One end of the diagonal support and the column tightened, the other end and the base of the horizontal support tightened, so that the concert stage is built.

Square Spigot Truss display

Square Aluminum Spigot Truss 290x290mm is another durable truss system with excellent performance, durability and tongue connection, making it the perfect solution for large truss structures, towers and portals. The truss has a compact structure, maximum strength, high-tech appearance and excellent performance. It is load-bearing and can be used in various shapes of rigging towers, exhibition racks and large concert stages. You can make powder coated or high gloss / hand polished designs during the delivery period. The S520 truss is fast and easy to use and is typically used for luminous totems, trade show exhibits, trade show booths, indoor and outdoor activities, fair construction, store decoration and advertising.

All our aluminum trusses are made in China. We can offer customized service OEM and offer factory price directly.For other Spigot Truss for sale, please click here to know more product information >>

Installation method of concert truss

1) The screen body can be moved in real time according to actual needs

2)The screen body can be moved according to the display screen and the site situation

3)Concert truss adopts rail type design

As the concert rental LED display products need to be used according to the location, stage scene needs, frequent loading and unloading and repeated use, so the portability of Concert truss products and the durability of the product and the professionalism of the installer requirements are high. In addition, the general rental screen to avoid transport links, so also need to have a high level of shockproof performance.

Concert stage truss build what technical standards

1.The preparation of materials:

Stage board, stage frame, exhibition carpet, stage mat, stage apron, stage ladder, construction mat, tools and accessories, etc.;

2. Technical standards:

1)The stage board, stage mat board specifications:

Stage board is commonly used is the length * width 200 * 100CM, according to the need to "single specifications" arbitrarily to design the size of the stage; stage mat board should be 3MM thick density board, stage board in the process of building splicing, each piece of splicing may appear gaps, splicing stage board, the top in a layer of stage mat board, which can make up for each piece of splicing may appear gaps, but also make the stage surface more flat and neat;

2)Concert stage truss:

Concert stage truss and stage board supporting the use of the conventional height of 40CM and 60CM, other heights need to be customized;

3) exhibition carpet, and construction mat cloth:

Show carpet specifications are generally 2M and 3M wide specifications, show carpet for one-time use, can not be reused; construction matting, on-site construction according to the size of the construction surface paving matting, to prevent scratching the ground at the construction;

4)Stage apron, stage ladder

Stage apron, in general, directly under the carpet folded as the, ladder, can be measured according to the height of the stage so that not to use.

3.the stage construction process:

Clean up the site --- laying construction mat cloth --- concert truss installation --- laying stage mat board --- laying exhibition carpet --- stage apron --- clean up the site (complete )

Concert stage truss construction precautions are introduced

1、Concert stage truss prohibit steel and bamboo, steel and wood mixed, prevent fasteners, rope, wire, bamboo gabions, plastic gabions mixed.

2, to ensure the integrity of Concert truss, not with the derrick, lift at the same time, do not cut off the frame.

3、Concert stage truss must be moved at a certain distance from the edge, and send someone to take care of;

4, moving to stop the sudden start to speed up, must be smooth, slow trekking;

5, Concert stage truss erection personnel must be licensed to work, and the correct use of safety helmets, safety belts, wear non-slip shoes.

6, the structure outside the Concert stage truss each support to build a layer, after the end of the support to build, by the project department safety officer inspection before the qualified can be used. Any team leader and himself, without approval shall not remove the concert stage truss parts at will.

7, prohibit the existence of scaffolding board probe board, laying scaffolding board and work, should try to make the construction load internal and external transmission balance.

8, severe control of the construction load, scaffolding board shall not be assembled pile of material to apply load, and each side of the uniform pile, construction load shall not be greater than 2kN/m2, to ensure greater safety storage.

9, regularly check Concert truss, find problems and dangers, repair and reinforce in time before the construction work, in order to achieve stability and stability, to ensure construction safety.

Concert truss construction factors need to be considered

1. What is the ceiling height of the event venue?

When setting up the stage, lighting, audio-visual equipment, the ceiling height has a crucial impact. You need to organize a site visit with a company that supplies staging, lighting and audio-visual services, and negotiate the best layout for your venue based on all your needs.

2. Is the sightline good enough?

Check the venue from all viewpoints, are there any pillars, chandeliers or other things that obstruct the view? Is every guest able to see the stage or big screen clearly? Can the chandelier be raised or removed and how much will it cost? Chandeliers can sometimes be removed, but there are labor costs to consider.

3. Do you need only one stage or several?

You need to know how many stages you need to build and where they are located. Because they will not only take up a lot of space, but also affect the total number of tables you can set up and the number of guests you can entertain.

4. How big or wide does the stage need to be?

What kind of meeting will be held on the stage? How many people will the stage carry? Depending on whether guests are seated at tables or in theater style, how high is the stage appropriate? You can plan a part of the venue from scratch and carpeted, turning the hall into a restaurant style. You don't have to have all the seats at the same height, but don't forget that the cost of padded seats is high, depending on the layout of the venue and the obstacles that need to be dealt with, such as pillars.

5. Does the venue have a fixed stage?

If so, ask for a floor plan of the stage, including the backstage, to see if there is a ready-made dressing room, if there is space for loading and unloading various equipment, what is the width of the aisle, and if the stage can meet all your needs.

Of course, there are many issues to consider when building a Concert truss, such as lighting, the stability of the stage level, and the weight capacity of the materials.

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