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Acrylic Stage

Technical Parameters:

Material:18mm plywood stage floor
Material:6061-T6/6082-T6 frame
Main Tube: Ø50x3mm
Vice Tube: Ø40x2mm
Brace: Ø20x2mm
Size: 1.22 x 1.22m
Adjustable Height: 0.6-1.1m
Load Capacity: 500/m²


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Product Details

Acrylic StageAcrylic Stage

Acrylic Stage is made of cast acrylic, and the characteristics of Acrylic Stage are.

Acrylic Stage has good resistance to weathering and acid and alkali, and will not yellow and hydrolyze due to years of sun and rain.

Acrylic Stage has a long life span, compared with other materials, Acrylic Stage has a long life span of more than three years.

Acrylic Stage has good light transmittance of more than 92%, which requires less light intensity and saves electricity.

Acrylic Stage's impact resistance is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, making it suitable for installation in areas where safety is particularly important.

Acrylic Stage has excellent insulation performance and is suitable for various electrical equipment.

Acrylic Stage is lighter in weight, half the weight of ordinary glass, and the load on the building and the support is less.

The columns and supports of each Acrylic Stage and the adjacent stage are shared, so it is a whole and very strong after being connected. Easy to disassemble and install, its stage surface is composed of film or tempered glass and aluminum frame, which has good fire retardant, wear resistance, no harm, strong decorative features, etc. The stage frame is made of high hardness aluminum alloy material, with solid structure and beautiful appearance.

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