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Assemble Acrylic Stage

Technical Parameters:

Platform Material: Acrylic

Stage Frame: Aluminum

Height: 0.6-1m adjustable, or customized

WIdth: 1x1m, 1.22x1.22m each pieces

Load Capacity: 500kg/

Certificate: TUV


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Advantages of Assemble Acrylic Stage

1Assemble Acrylic Stage has good resistance to weather and acid and alkali, and will not yellow and hydrolyze due to years of sun and rain, meeting the needs of any indoor or outdoor performance.

2 Assemble Acrylic Stage has a long life span of more than three years compared to other materials.

3Assemble Acrylic Stage has good light transmission, up to 92% or more, and requires less light intensity for performance, saving electricity.

4 Strong impact resistance, sixteen times more than ordinary glass, on the Assemble Acrylic Stage can be performed in any form.

5 Assemble Acrylic Stage has excellent insulation performance, suitable for various stage electrical equipment.

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