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Black Triangle Spigot Truss

Technical Parameters:

Truss Material : Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

Light duty truss : 200*200mm; 250*250mm

Medium duty truss : 290*290mm; 300*300mm; 350*350mm; 300*400mm ;400*400mm; 450*450mm; 400*600mm

Heavy duty truss : 520*760mm ; 600*760mm; 600*1000mm

Main tube thickness : 30*2mm; 50*3mm; 50*4mm; 50*5mm

Vice tube thickness : 18*2mm; 20*2.5mm; 25*2.5mm

Brace tube thickness : 20*2mm; 25*2mm; 30*2mm

Length : 0.5m/1m/1.5m or custom size

Truss type : Bolt

Usage : Concert, new product release, fashion show, booth stand construction

Delivery Time : 15 working days


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Product Details

Use of the Black Triangle Spigot Truss:

The black triangular truss is mainly used for small performance activities. It can be built into a simple frame, and cannot be hung with too heavy concert equipment. It is also commonly used on the truss of hanging screen, which can be used for rear support. The black spraying plastic can meet the customer's demand for the truss color, which is more beautiful.

Advantage of Black Triangle Spigot Truss:

1. More applicable scenes and more beautiful colors.

2. Its connection mode is different from that of Spigot truss. It is connected by screws, which has lower cost and simple installation.

3. We have a professional technical team that can complete this complex process and design to meet the different needs of customers.

Technical index of Black Triangle Spigot Truss

1. Quality of Black Triangle Bolt Truss:

We have introduced equipment, trained high-quality welding technicians, and selected high-quality raw materials. We will provide consumers with high-quality and safe products.

2. Price of Black Triangle Bolt Truss:

In the context of high quality and reasonable profit, we provide our consumers with the most competitive prices.

3. Service:

Treat our consumers sincerely! Do our best to provide you with convenient and efficient communication channels and establish a good reputation. We will keep our promise and take action effectively! Don't hesitate to contact us immediately!


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