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Triangle Spigot Truss

Technical Parameters:

  Technical Parameters

  Material:aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

  Main Tube: Ø50x3.0mm

  Vice Tube: Ø25x2.0mm

  Brace: Ø20x2.0mm

  Connect: Spigot

  Color: Silver or black, blue, green...

  Size: 200x200mm - 600x600mm for option

  Length: 0.5m, 1.0m 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m

  Certificate: CE, SGS, TUV

  400x400mm Triangle Truss Loading Table

 Triangle Spigot Truss


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Product Details

Triangle Spigot Truss has the maximum axial force at the end point of the upper and lower chords of Triangle Spigot Truss under uniformly distributed nodal loads along the span, and gradually decreases towards the middle of the span; the axial force of the web of Triangle Spigot Truss is the opposite. Triangle Spigot Truss is mostly used in tile roof frame because of the large difference in internal force of chords and unreasonable material consumption.

Compared with Triangle Spigot Truss, Trapezoidal Truss has improved the force condition of the rod, and it is easier to meet the process requirements of some industrial plants when used in roofing. If the upper and lower chords of trapezoidal truss are parallel, it is a parallel chord truss, and the load on the rod is slightly worse than trapezoidal truss, but the type of web is greatly reduced, and it is used in bridges and trestle bridges.

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