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Aluminum truss roof systems
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basic introduction of Aluminum truss roof systems

Aluminum truss roof systems, Aluminum truss roof systems generally use aluminum alloy trusses.

Specification: 300*300

Material: Aluminum 6082-T6

Main tube: 50X3mm, auxiliary tube 25*2mm, slant tube 20*2mm

Safety span of 12m for crossbeam, average load capacity 475kg. Do the column 8m.

Shizhan Group provides a variety of roofing systems designed to adapt to events of all sizes. The diversity of roof system sizes and designs provides you with freedom of choice.

Aluminum truss roof systems

Of course, Shizhan is famous for its truss manufacturing, but many customers expect us to have expertise in ground support truss systems. In many cases, the ground support system must withstand the test of the outdoor environment. This is a very serious matter, and we have been doing it all over China for many years. We have many years of export experience in overseas product sales.

Take a look at a few of the many projects we have already undertaken. If you do not need delicate things, can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be resized, disassembled and set up, you can check our truss series products. The aluminum stage trusses we provide are very suitable for holding events, exhibitions, etc.

Dangkou Ancient Town Event Fashion Show

Dangkou City has been assessed as a famous historical and cultural town in China. To celebrate this honor, a large-scale event fashion show was held and many suppliers were found for this. Stage trusses and obstacles have been tested for quality and price, and Aluminum truss roof systems of the World Exhibition Group have won favor.

Aluminum truss roof systems

Are you looking for an effective solution that can change the size according to your activity?

The roof truss system of the Shizhan Group is a versatile and cost-effective ground support system that may be right for you!

Applications of Aluminum truss roof systems

This specification truss is suitable for small and medium-sized performance and exhibition service; or enterprise exhibition, used to set up the exhibition; also can be used as background frame, spray painting frame.

Performance description of Aluminum truss roof systems.

Aluminum truss roof systems are made of aluminum alloy, with two specifications of screw connection and pin connection.

Aluminum truss roof systems structure: fast and stable installation.

1、Screw connection: traditional connection method, using 8.8 grade screw connection, good force, good price, simple and practical, fast.

2、Pin connection: fast installation, no tool installation, powerful, shape any with, suitable for a variety of performances and activities need.

P.S. can be customized according to actual requirements.

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We were told that the main reason for choosen us are as below:

  • You are company group and the largest factory for truss stage barrier in china as we known
  • Have 15 years Experience
  • Professional Engineer Design Team which offers us the perfect solutions for our project.
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  • Your Professional QC team which make sure everything in good condition before delivery this make us very satisfied
  • Your Products has got so many Certifications : CE /ISO9001/TUV/SGS which prove that your products quality are really good and this also make us have more confidence on your products.


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