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Truss roof system
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SHIZHAN group designed the complete Truss Stage series to meet market standards in terms of size, load-bearing capacity, truss system, modularity and flexibility. The roof system is a temporary mobile structure that can cover the stage and can hang a certain number of lamps, PA, LED screens and other lamps required for spectacular performances in any given situation.

The design of truss roof system is subject to the following restrictions:
>The roof design should include a reasonable number of standard truss types.
>Based on the existing TRUSS ground support system.
>The relative high load value of each size and type of roof.
>Every TRUSS roof shall be applicable to all safety regulations worldwide.


Advantages of roof truss


When comparing the cost of prefabricated truss packaging with the material and labor costs of building Rafters on site, the cost of the truss is 30% to 50% lower.


There are fewer errors in truss manufacturing. They are built in a controlled environment. Load the specifications into the software, digitally measure and cut the truss components. As mentioned above, the accuracy is impressive. Each of them fully meets the specifications.

Time and weather risk

In most 2500 square feet houses, truss installation takes about a day. After the truss is installed, the roof sheath continues to work, protecting the rest of the structure from the weather. The roof is ready to install shingles.

In the same house, Rafters may take a week, depending on the number of staff. This slows down the project and makes the framework more susceptible to weather.

Expert tip

If you order a truss in advance when you need it, you can only take advantage of the short installation time. Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks, but it may be longer during busy construction months.

Excellent strength and span

Even if smaller wood is used, the webbing effect of the truss members can still produce excellent structural strength. The span of the truss can reach 60 feet.

DIY friendly

roof truss installation is much easier than building Rafters at once. Your truss package will come with detailed installation instructions regarding spacing and tightening. If there are trusses of different sizes or types (such as gable trusses), they are numbered or marked for easy identification.

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