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Wedding decoration stage
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What is a wedding stage truss

The stage truss is a steel structure formed by welding, bolting, riveting or bolting straight rods. Used in wedding scenes, it is also called "wedding decoration stage".

wedding stage truss

How to lay out the wedding stage truss

Its main function is to provide a tool for wedding planning to help large-scale stage scenery, which can play a stable role.

Where is the wedding stage truss used?

If you need to set a big background at the wedding site, you must use a frame to support it. Like the stage background layout of 5 meters high, I am afraid that even the frame must be reinforced. Someone hurt people because the wedding frame collapsed. If a large flower arch is to be covered with flowers, it must be covered with trusses, because a normal arch cannot add that much flower.

wedding stage truss

Generally speaking, it is precisely because the truss is relatively stable that it will be widely used in wedding decorations, especially some larger backgrounds and decorative frames are essential ~ mainly depends on the specific plan of your wedding venue layout , The main stages, exhibition halls, check-in counters, etc. sometimes need to use movable frames, especially gauze designs often use trusses.

How to lay out the wedding stage truss

1. Before the construction stage, it is necessary to determine the wedding decoration stage truss construction environment: mainly the length of the stage, the length of the truss and the length of the stage are as close as possible! Only after actual measurement can the background board picture be accurately designed! Also confirm the size of the truss frame.
2. Use trusses to build the stage background. Under normal circumstances, choose to start construction in a space 70-100cm away from the stage. Before building the truss, check the site and measure the specific dimensions to enhance the visual effect!

wedding decoration stage

Shizhan Group has launched many types of wedding decoration trusses. Only by choosing a good wedding decoration truss can the wedding decoration be icing on the cake. If you want to know more about the products of wedding decoration stage truss, please click here to take a look: wedding decoration stage

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