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Hydraulic stage
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Everyone’s impression of the stage is definitely a "good boy who doesn't like to move". No one can link the stage with the action, but the engineers at the World Exhibition are a group of "big kids who love to play". Recently we have done it. A moving stage comes out, what kind of black technology is it like? Let us take a look at the stage of this artifact.

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The ordinary hydraulic stage is very common in the market, but the combination of the truss and hydraulic stage of the World Exhibition is a pioneering move in the market! Ordinary hydraulic stage is time-consuming and laborious to set up, and the structural strength also poses great safety risks. The self-developed hydraulic stage of the World Exhibition is all made of national standard aluminum alloy pipes, which are resistant to corrosion and sunlight. The construction process is through a scientific and reasonable structure, and the difficulty is greatly reduced, while maintaining a strong load-bearing capacity.

aluminum portable stage

aluminum portable stage export

The overall size of the stage is 16Mx8M. Such a large stage itself is extremely difficult to process. At the same time, it also takes into account the angle of rotation and safety of the stage. These are all cast by the professional research team of World Exhibition and professional process.

This liftable movable stage is a test of our Shizhan. Before the customer receives the stage, the world exhibition engineer conducted stress analysis and structural strength analysis. Because the stage is used in the grand theater, safety is everything The premise is that it was delivered to the customer only after the trial, and the performance was completed successfully and safely.

movable stage sell

movable stage for sale

movable stage

After adding stage lighting, the effect of the stage is really dazzling! If you have any unfinished ideas that have not yet been completed, then come to the Shizhan, the World Exhibition will definitely help you realize your dream!

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