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Wide range of aluminum truss systems
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What is aluminum truss system

Aluminum truss system is generally made of aluminum alloy material after cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other processing combination of a widely used in performances and exhibitions, event celebrations, background arrangements, lighting and sound hanging and other systems. Aluminum truss system can be built according to the site, and can be flexibly combined according to specific requirements. Light weight, easy to build and transport, the maximum span can reach more than 30 meters, the aluminum pressure resistance and anti-corrosion durable ability is very strong. According to the shape, it can be divided into four-sided (angle) frame, triangle frame and shaped frame.

Aluminum truss system's accessories

A complete aluminum truss system is mainly composed of aluminum trusses of different lengths and specifications, base, counterhead, inclined support, square sleeve, cross brace, hoist, sling, and so on.

Base: It can be divided into two types: iron and aluminum base, mainly used for the stabilization of the ground.

Reverse head: used to build a higher height, can be erected through the reverse head to achieve a higher height role.

Oblique support: used to support the stability of the entire system of Aluminum truss system.

Square sleeve: The height of the crossbeam can be easily adjusted by the square sleeve.

Cross brace: At the top of the truss, it is mainly used to hang the hoist.

Hoist: It can be divided into two types: hand-operated and electric hoist, which is used to lift the aluminum truss.

Sling: The link between the hoist and the aluminum truss system.

Aluminium truss system stage

Shizhan produces various aluminum stage truss. In addition to the world's leading HD/FD light stage truss aluminum, we also provide ground support towers, steel scaffolding parts and larger truss systems, such as rectangular XD, 50cm (20,5") ST and foldable truss systems. In In the Pre Rig series, Shizhan provides a 12 inch rectangular aluminum truss stage system, the upgraded version is called TTU / TTS (higher load specification), and special Touring Truss (called PRT and CWT).

Irregular truss

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The irregular truss series has our most versatile aluminum truss system. These series are multi-functional trusses for indoor and outdoor use, because it can be used for single and multiple rig spans, ground supports, and even small and medium roof/stage systems.

All truss stage aluminum series have the same connections and accessories, and its compact size, low dead weight and relatively high load-bearing capacity are the most commonly used trusses in the global entertainment market.

The truss can complete 90% of all work!

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Ladder Truss

SHIZHAN Group provides a series of trapezoidal trusses suitable for any application. All of our ladder trusses have the same durable wall thickness as the Utility Box trusses and are connected together using the same industry standard hardware. In addition to the standard trapezoidal trusses shown on this page, we also manufacture large trapezoidal trusses of various sizes, such as 16 inches, 20.5 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches and even 36 inches high.

Like all our other trusses, the custom length can be up to 20 feet.

ladder truss

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Triangle Truss

Triangle Truss is a popular choice for many uses and applications. The Triangle Truss system is also called architectural or decorative truss, and is usually used for permanent installation or for decorative purposes. The X30, H30 and H40 series are called multi-purpose truss popular truss systems, designed for installation, rental and exhibition markets.

When the going gets tough, the Triangle Truss is what you need!

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The quality of Aluminum truss system

1. High quality Aluminum truss system is treated with acid dipping, and the surface shows bright silver color.

2. Good Aluminum truss system is packed with bubble bag to ensure that it will not be worn out during transportation; after that, both ends of Aluminum truss system are flush and are polished.

3. We have to see whether the welding of Aluminum truss system is fine, whether the size is accurate, whether the welders are regular, and whether there is no situation that the fittings can't be aligned.

Features of Aluminum truss system

1. Enough rigidity - not easy to have too much elastic deformation;

2. Very good dynamic characteristics - able to resist vibration and wind attacks.

3. Aluminum truss system is very strong - not easy to break or deformation;

4. Good stability - not easy to collapse the truss due to the change of balance form

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