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19 tips for Aluminum Lighting Truss Stage purchase guide
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Shizhan Group has gathered several years of light weight aluminum lights trusses stage. This short article is presently one of the most thorough guide for aluminum stage truss, consisting of the following 19 materials carefully:

1、What is aluminum lighting truss stage?

2、Why is aluminum stage truss?

3、Advantage Of aluminum lighting truss stage

4、Parts of aluminum truss stage

5、Typical Light Truss Phase Add-on

6、Common Dimensions of Aluminum Lighting Truss

7、Types Of Aluminum stage Light Truss

8、Production and also Manufacture

9、Aluminum Illumination Truss stage Safety And Security

10、Aluminum stage truss Applications

11、Aluminum lighting truss, what are the things to pay attention to?

12、How to judge the quality of aluminum stage truss

13、Aluminum stage truss different lap characteristics

14、Which connection method of aluminum light truss is more stable?

15、Structural classification of aluminum stage lighting truss

16、Aluminum lighting truss stage's basic characteristics

17、What kind of events can Aluminum stage truss be used for?

18、What kind of events can be used?

19、How should Aluminum stage truss be maintained?

What is aluminum lighting truss stage?

" Sticks" or areas of the lighting truss stage can be attached together to produce a framework permitting illumination components, video clip, sound or other hosting equipment to be hung with convenience.Aluminum lighting truss is divided into steel stage truss, aluminum stage truss,

aluminum single-row frame, aluminum triangle truss, mesh truss, bolt aluminum

truss, square tube truss, round tube truss, Sprayed stage truss, galvanized

stage truss, advertising stage truss, lighting truss stage, Layher Lighting.

Galvanized stage truss, advertising stage truss, lighting truss stage, Layher

Lighting, truss specifications are also divided into many.

Why is aluminum stage truss?

The key products most commonly made use of for aluminum stage trusses are Light weight aluminum, due to its durability, lightweight and simplicity of transport, is the optimum choice for use in show or stage production. Its weight enables for a quick and very easy setup and teardown.

lighting truss stage

Advantage Of aluminum lighting truss stage

Aluminum lighting truss stage or aluminum stage truss allows lights developers the flexibility to hang LED or Automated components, often called "moving companies" where ever they choose. Illumination aluminum lighting truss stage can be located in Movie theater, show, performance arts, or exhibition, sectors as well as arenas. Anywhere hosting equipment is released you are likely to discover aluminum lights truss.

Parts of aluminum truss stage

1 、 The Chords

2 、 The Truss Ladder

3 、 Straight Participants 、 Angled Participants 、 Internal Diagonal Members 、 Upright Members

4 、 Bolt Plate Link 、 Forkend, Clevis or Faucet Connection

Typical Light Truss Phase Add-on


Edge blocks

Pinch Blocks


Truss Toppers.

Fifty percent Couplers.


Sleeve Block Adaptors ...

Parts of Aluminum Light Truss

Common Dimensions of Aluminum Lighting Truss

Aluminum Lighting Truss is available in sectional lengths that may be connected with each other to produce longer periods or different shapes. Aluminum Lighting Truss structures are made use of to sustain lights, sound as well as video equipment. The most usual Aluminum Lighting Truss sizes are 1 foot, 5, 8 as well as 10 feet.

Types Of Aluminum stage Light Truss

Light weight Aluminum stage Light Truss can be found in a number of various sizes and when linked together, develop longer periods or different shapes of Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Base Plates/Angle Plates Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Square Truss/Square Spigot Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Circle Faucet Truss/ Oval Faucet Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Ladder Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Triangular Bolt/Spigot Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Folding Aluminum stage Light Truss/ Area Saving.

Box 、 Ruby Aluminum stage Light Truss 、 Edge Blocks and also Custom-made Aluminum stage Light Truss.

Production and also Manufacture

Aluminum stage Light Truss sections generally are composed of 2, 3 or 4 chords. Two chord light truss is frequently referred to as Ladder Truss, three chord truss are commonly referred to as Triangular Aluminum stage Light Truss as well as four chords would be a box truss.

The angled members or webbing in the truss is typically a smaller sized size round tube. There are a variety of links available on the marketplace that give a selection of different strengths and also tons rankings.

Aluminum Illumination Truss stage Safety And Security

All lighting truss to be made use of expenses should be crafted with released load ratings and allowed lots tables.

Regardless of what the project, always understand the load ratings of your truss as well as handle professionals.

Aluminum stage truss Applications

The most commonly thought about applications for Aluminum stage truss are show, stage, theatrical, architectural, exhibition and residences of worship.

If you are to dig a little much deeper you see that illumination Aluminum stage truss is found anywhere lighting fixture are released such as complies with:



Arenas/Touring Productions.

Homes of Worship/Theme Parks.

DJ Booths/Department Shops.

Race Complete LinesBars.


Restuarants/TV Studios.

Movie Sets/and several more.

aluminum lighting truss

Aluminum lighting truss, what are the things to pay attention to?

Building a safe and uniquely designed lighting truss stage can not only provide a platform for various performances, commodity display and party scene, but also add color to the event with its exquisite design, playing a role of icing on the cake.

From this, it can be seen that the construction of Aluminum stage truss is not just to build a stage, but to combine with the design of the event itself, taking into account many factors.

1. Rich experience in building stage truss system

After the whole effect is determined, the stage lighting truss construction is a more important step, which requires the master workers to restore the drawings to reality. This will test the experience and ability of the master workers.

Especially for stage truss, no matter it is stage or truss, it needs experienced construction workers who can handle the details of the booth and won't produce bulges and other on-site problems.

2. Legal business qualification

The aluminum lighting truss construction agent you choose needs to have legal business qualification to do so. If you do not have the legal qualification when you choose, such aluminum light truss construction agent should not be chosen.

At the same time, also need to have a professional construction, installation technology team, there are fixed in stage truss construction project professionals.

To ensure that there are sufficient human and material resources, and thus can be within the specified time, aluminum truss stage construction work are completed.

3. Repair and maintenance after installation

After the aluminum truss stage is completed, the booth builder will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the truss throughout the exhibition period.

If there is a reasonable request for improvement or adjustment of aluminum stage truss, the stage truss construction agent will provide the service.

And during the whole exhibition period, aluminum stage truss may have any problems. So the repair and maintenance service of aluminum stage truss is what a stage truss builder needs to have.

How to judge the quality of aluminum stage truss

Stage performance is inseparable from the sound lighting installation and also from the aluminum truss stage. In fact, there are many types of aluminum truss stage and the quality of aluminum truss stage is good or bad. It directly affects the construction of the stage. Therefore, the use of high quality aluminum truss stage is a prerequisite for holding a successful performance. Quality guarantees effective prevention of dangers and avoid encountering property considered. By this way, the right choice of aluminum truss stage is important.

Glossy truss surface

The surface of Aluminum stage truss system has a good reputation of generally having a luster because the trusses can be treated and can remain bright beautiful and beautiful. Therefore, consumers can choose the real qualified product by observing the surface gloss during the purchase of the product.

Stable performance

It is essential to purchase products with guaranteed brand of Aluminum stage truss system that can guarantee stability in use. By improving the traditional steel frame structure, the high quality aluminum truss is improved to greatly improve the force strength at both ends and effectively avoid deformation and collapse.

Aluminum stage truss different lap characteristics

Aluminum truss stage is to support and fix the stage, most of the stage truss is welded by aluminum alloy, the first thing to look at when choosing Aluminum stage truss is its shape, if the product has a large welding point, then the product itself is not fine workmanship.

1.Bending Aluminum stage truss: the upper chord node is located on the secondary parabola, such as the upper chord is arched to reduce the bending moment generated by the inter-section load, but the manufacturing is more complex. Under the effect of uniform load, the shape of aluminum stage truss is similar to the moment pattern of simply supported beam, so the upper and lower chord axial force is evenly distributed, the web axial force is smaller, and the material used is less.

2. Triangular aluminum stage truss: Under the uniformly distributed nodal load along the span, the axial force of upper and lower chord is larger at the end point and decreases gradually toward the middle of the span; the axial force of web is the opposite. Aluminum trusses are mostly used in tile roofs because of the large difference in internal force of chords and unreasonable material consumption.

3. Hollow aluminum stage truss: It basically takes the shape of polygonal aluminum truss, the upper chord nodes are straight and there is no diagonal web, only the vertical web and the upper and lower chords are connected. The axial force distribution of the rod is similar to that of polygonal aluminum truss, but the bending moment value of the rod end varies more under the asymmetric load. The advantage is that the number of bars intersecting at the nodes is less and the construction and manufacture are convenient.

Which connection method of aluminum light truss is more stable?

1. Aluminum light truss construction usually cannot apply load to linear rod, when load is applied to the rod, assuming the node is hinged, the truss only has the loaded rod to bear the bending moment in the way of simply supported beam, all other rods do not participate in the load. In this way, it is necessary to strengthen this bending member. If the nodes are rigidly connected, the rods will be bent as a whole by forming a rigid frame, and not only the rods themselves, but also the nodes will be subjected to large bending moments and need to be strengthened.

2. A real aluminum lighting truss structure in the applied load is necessary to act at the nodes, in order to ensure that the load is borne by the overall rod in purely compressive or purely tensile methods, while the nodes only transfer the linear force of the rod, bearing shear, not bending moment. In this case, the linear bars can be hinged or rigidly connected to each other. In the case of no separation in force, the aluminum stage lighting joist does not require extra strengthening at the nodes of the aluminum stage lighting joist.

Structural classification of aluminum stage lighting truss

Aluminum stage lighting trusses are more used in the sizes of 300*300MM, 400*400MM, 400*500MM, 400*600MM, 520*760MM, 600*760MM.

The specific methods of building backdrop with square tube fixed truss are as follows.

1. first all the aluminium lighting truss are ready, placed on the ground, and then the background frame with screws on the ground are connected

2. In the background frame around the taut polarized cloth;

General small and medium-sized performance activities aluminium lighting truss: 300 * 300MM, 400 * 400MM these two sizes are more. Large-scale performance activities aluminum lighting truss: 520 * 760MM, 600 * 760MM, if the span of more than 30 meters of ultra-large span requirements.

Aluminum lighting truss stage's basic characteristics

Aluminum stage truss is made of aluminum alloy material. Aluminum material has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and no rust, and is widely used. The common type of stage panel is multi-layer plywood sticky red carpet.

Aluminum stage truss and aluminum glass stage truss are flexible and quick installation of the stage, easy to disassemble, lightweight and easy to store. Stronger durability and better price.

2. Use high-grade sandwich panel, high strength, anti-pressure, anti-slip, waterproof and sun-proof.

3. Use professional 18mm thick sandwich panel. Excellent anti-slip performance: the surface layer is arranged in the shape of certain colloidal particles to achieve anti-slip performance in rainy days.

4. Safe and stable, stately and elegant, naturally resistant to various harsh environments.

Aluminum stage truss is suitable for various indoor and outdoor fashion shows, festivals, product launches, studios and various stage trusses. Aluminum stage truss which is currently the most popular and most popular stage. 6.

6. can be equipped with some follow-up lights, moving head lights, colorful lights, LED lights below or on the side of the stage, which can be controlled by the dimmer table and the color can be changed at will.

What kind of events can Aluminum stage truss be used for?

Aluminum stage truss is a very common stage truss. Many companies use Aluminum stage truss for road shows or promotions during the holidays. Do you want to know what events the Aluminum stage truss system

What kind of events can be used?

1. Outdoor concerts

Some concerts will be held outside the open-air venue to create an atmosphere. In this case, it is necessary to contact a well-known aluminum stage truss company to build a professional stage in order to provide a good performance venue. In addition, since the concert involves more performers such as band and dance accompaniment, it is necessary to give full play to the performers. Therefore, the area of Aluminum lighting truss stage is usually larger.

2. Outdoor commercial performance

Many companies will invite some performers to perform outdoor activities during the holidays and take the opportunity to promote their products. Cheap Aluminum lighting truss stage is a good choice for outdoor commercial performance because Aluminum lighting truss stage is not only flat and stable, but also can be used for various singing and dancing performances on the stage. . Moreover, the investment cost of this stage is relatively small, so it has a greater economic value for the enterprise.

3. Press conference

If a company needs to hold a press conference on important issues such as new product launch, new project launch and project unveiling, a medium-sized Aluminum lighting truss stage can be built to hold various ceremonies, which not only makes the press conference a reality. It is more formal and majestic, but also impresses the guests and many spectators.

Besides outdoor concerts, commercial shows and press conferences, Aluminum lighting truss stage can also be used for many events, such as T-shows, merchandise displays and so on. Because this kind of stage can be built according to the actual need, as the venue area is enough, any size of Aluminum lighting truss stage can be built to meet the needs of various events.

How should Aluminum stage truss be maintained?

In order to maintain the appearance of Aluminum stage truss and its service life, it is necessary to maintain the aluminum light truss system on a daily basis.

1. First, we must pay attention to the loading and unloading of aluminum light truss to avoid damage.

Aluminum is a soft material, so it may be deformed under strong impact. Even the famous aluminum light truss material may change its appearance under excessive impact, so in order to make the aluminum stage truss have better effect, it must be avoided during handling and use.

2. Pay attention to clean the wearing parts regularly.

In order to make the structure of aluminum light truss better, screws will be installed in the movable position. Therefore, if the aluminum light truss to be installed has a better display effect, the condition of the vulnerable position must be checked and adjusted in time.

3. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

When cleaning aluminum light truss, it is important to keep the original luster of the platform. It is recommended to use a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface, and the frequency of wiping should not be too high.

The rag used should not be rough, otherwise it will damage the aluminum light truss, and using a mild special cleaner can quickly clean the stains on the aluminum light truss to ensure the service life of the aluminum light truss system.

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