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Playground truss
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In recent years, Shizhan Group has developed and manufactured multiple playground trusses, trampoline trusses, and base expansion trusses in response to market demand. And obtained a number of patents.
Playground truss
The playground truss has a variety of shapes, a complex structure, and a variety of customizations. It has extremely high requirements for technology and production. The World Exhibition Group has a professional R&D team, top production equipment (using Panasonic welders), German TUV certified welders, accurate and comprehensive testing rooms, and its own aluminum extrusion workshop that can extrude a variety of customized profiles, all of which are Let Shizhan Group become the best choice for playground truss manufacturers.

As a professional playground truss developer, Shizhan Group manufactures playground trusses with reasonable design, safe structure, beautiful appearance and good details.
Playground truss
Shizhan Group Manufacturing has been adhering to the goal concept of building a well-known Chinese brand and a world brand, researching and developing high-quality products, both in structure and appearance, and striving to be the top of the industry, in line with international standards, and based on the world brand.

As a large-scale professional stage truss, lighting stand, scaffolding production and sales company, the company is based on the national standard GB13-1999, and is carefully manufactured with reference to foreign advanced production technology and processing technology. The product is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy and formed by automatic welding. The surface adopts advanced overall hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, spraying and other surface treatment processes. It has strong corrosion resistance and long service life. It is an ideal equipment for construction in the building decoration industry. . Advanced technical equipment and experienced employees ensure that all-round monitoring from raw material procurement to procurement to manufacturing process and the accuracy of finished products out of warehouse inspection ensure that the products sent to customers are qualified products.

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We were told that the main reason for choosen us are as below:

  • You are company group and the largest factory for truss stage barrier in china as we known
  • Have 15 years Experience
  • Professional Engineer Design Team which offers us the perfect solutions for our project.
  • Have your Own Raw Material Factory which can control the production cost and save the purchase cost for us.
  • Your Professional QC team which make sure everything in good condition before delivery this make us very satisfied
  • Your Products has got so many Certifications : CE /ISO9001/TUV/SGS which prove that your products quality are really good and this also make us have more confidence on your products.


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