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Fangte 1895 Music Festival Customized Explosion-Aluminum Barricade Solution
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Music festivals and concerts in various places have started one after another. Which idol will you call for during the short holiday?

Various music festivals and performances have made the celebrity fans addicted, but the safety issue cannot be ignored. This is also an issue that has been paid more and more attention to by the activities in recent years. Due to the large number of people in many activities, there are hidden dangers of trampling, so I have to introduce A must-have item for large-scale events-explosion-proof fence.

Conventional explosion-stage barrier: easy to install and easy to store

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crowd control barricade wholesale

The above sizes are only regular sizes. More sizes and styles support customization. We will design an overall solution for your event according to the venue and the number of people. This is unmatched by some manufacturers who only take pictures of gourds. Here is what we bring Event solutions for the Wuhu Fangte Music Festival in Anhui.

Fangte stage barrier
This Anhui·Wuhu Fantawild 1895 Music Festival gathered many artists such as Mao Buyi, Ma Di, New Pants Band, Da Vinci, etc. The hot scene, safety and convenience are the organizers' requirements for this event. For this purpose, the Shizhan customized a set of 2.5x1.25m movable, openable and foldable steel explosion-proof fence.

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Trial in the factory
The height of this explosion-event barrier has reached 2.5m. It is an out-and-out "big guy". However, their connections are tight and tight. For the convenience of transportation and the storage of customers later, the design of the Shizhan's engineers has reached Can be folded upon request.

Event barrier customization
The conventional explosion-Aluminum Barricade is fixed and immovable, which will cause inconvenience in some activities with large differences in the flow of people during the day. This time, the special explosion-Aluminum Barricade is designed for some entrances and exits, and the explosion-proof fence can be removed on some occasions. To facilitate the activities of tourists.
Aluminum Barricade customization

Aluminum Barricade export

In this customized explosion-Aluminum Barricade, the Shizhan has customized a set of excellent solutions for the event based on the needs of customers and what they want, and the event has also come to a perfect end.

Exhibiting the beauty of the world and making performances safer is the unchanging mission of our World Expo. If you have ideas for events, exhibitions, concerts... but are still troubled by safety issues, please contact us, we We are committed to customizing a scientific, reasonable, safe, and cost-controlling plan for our customers. Please feel free to leave professional work to professional people.

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