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prolight+sound exhinbition Frankfurt
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The 2019 Frankfurt Lighting and Sound Fair was held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany. Here, you can see some new product releases, cutting-edge technologies, exchanges and training, which is an industry event not to be missed.

As a strong country in the machinery manufacturing industry, Germany enjoys a high reputation in the world. Shizhan is honored to be invited by the official this year to bring Shizhan's new products across the oceans to this exhibition, so that foreign customers can truly feel made in China The quality of products and truss research and development.

light stage display

aluminum truss system display

Our Shizhan samples were already booked by customers on the first day of the Light & Sound Show.>>Shizhan exhibition truss

lighting truss for sale" alt="stage lighting truss for sale" />

stage lighting truss display

stage lighting truss installation

From the first time I participated in the exhibition in Germany, to this exhibition, old customers have taken the initiative to visit. Shizhan has a good reputation in the local area. This is a recognition of Shizhan products and the result of the strict requirements of the Shizhan on its own product innovation and quality. . The exhibition has only lasted a few days, and many orders have been received one after another.

Let’s take a look at the other exhibitors in this exhibition following the live picture sent in front of Shizhan.

-Supplier exhibition truss display

Supplier exhibition truss display

Supplier exhibition truss display

Supplier exhibition truss display

Supplier exhibition truss display

Supplier exhibition truss display

The truss is very suitable for music festivals. The appeal of music makes us more relaxed, and the density of music festivals has reached an unprecedented peak.

The use of truss has many advantages. The truss is a structure in which supporting short rods are added to two parallel horizontal columns, so that the setting of the short rods can effectively improve the supporting force and help improve the stability of the structure.

We can observe that in large-scale music festival stage, truss is now selected for construction, because the many advantages of truss are very suitable for outdoor stage installation, so concert truss has become a modern music festival, an important part of the concert section.

Shizhan Group is committed to the manufacture of concert truss, it is truss guangzhou top supplier, outdoor concert stage sale has rich experience.

Shizhan step by step
From home to abroad, we believe that only good products
Can go further and further
Make Shizhan an international brand
Is the mission of each of us

We were told that the main reason for choosen us are as below:

  • You are company group and the largest factory for truss stage barrier in china as we known
  • Have 15 years Experience
  • Professional Engineer Design Team which offers us the perfect solutions for our project.
  • Have your Own Raw Material Factory which can control the production cost and save the purchase cost for us.
  • Your Professional QC team which make sure everything in good condition before delivery this make us very satisfied
  • Your Products has got so many Certifications : CE /ISO9001/TUV/SGS which prove that your products quality are really good and this also make us have more confidence on your products.

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