Layher Truss
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SHIZHAN Group is a Guangzhou truss stage equipment factory, dedicated to various aluminum truss system stages. The sale of stage truss systems is a global brand that leads successful performances with irreplaceable experience. When it comes to the entertainment industry, SHIZHAN Group knows and understands all the elements of making great shows. When the outdoor music truss sold by the SHIZHAN Group, you can rest assured that you have the perfect solution.

layher truss export

Layher Truss system

For industry, chemical plants, power stations,aircraft hangars,shipyards, theatres and arenas,at any site or facility,Layher Scaffolding does full justice to its reputation as an allrounder.
Whether it's a working,protecting, facade or supporting scaffolding unit; whether it's indoors,rolling or verhead,even for the trickiest floor layouts and assembly situations, or for complex architectural features and for compliance with stringent safety requirements.
Thanks to its unique connection technology and unparalleled assembly speed,Layher scaffolding has become established on the market as a synonym for modular scaffolding.
Mainly used for large-scale concert lighting frame and background frame.

Layher system

The Layher system advantages:
Ingenious connector technology
8 connections in one plane, automatic right-angles and flexible angle selection,self-locking during assembly, material saving.
Comprehensive range of parts
Unlimited use, unbelievable potential,special and one-off solutions;can be used with other Layher systems and
Time saved in assembly- safe handling;the only system with two connector approvals and one facade approval. 

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Advantages of Layher Stage

Ladder Truss Manufacturing

We were told that the main reason for choosen us are as below:

  • You are company group and the largest factory for truss stage barrier in china as we known
  • Have 15 years Experience
  • Professional Engineer Design Team which offers us the perfect solutions for our project.
  • Have your Own Raw Material Factory which can control the production cost and save the purchase cost for us.
  • Your Professional QC team which make sure everything in good condition before delivery this make us very satisfied
  • Your Products has got so many Certifications : CE /ISO9001/TUV/SGS which prove that your products quality are really good and this also make us have more confidence on your products.


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