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Aluminum ringlock scaffolding is suitable for which fields of application

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Aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding fiberglass material is a composite material, which is made of alkali-free glass filament, continuous felt and resin. The strength is higher than ordinary steel, the specific gravity is one-third lighter than aluminum, the water absorption rate is extremely low, it does not conduct electricity in the humid temperature environment, and the electrical insulation performance is excellent. The glass fiber material also has the unique qualities of light weight, high strength and insulation, which is unparalleled by other materials.

The mobile aluminum alloy ring-lock scaffold is a new type of aerial work platform with advanced design and unique craftsmanship. Since its listing, it has been used in power generation, power supply, civil aviation, ships, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, large venues, It is widely used in industries such as decoration and cleaning, and is a powerful helper for users in high-altitude maintenance, overhaul, installation and cleaning operations.


Features of aluminum alloy ringlock scaffold

1. Light weight

Using light and strong aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy scaffolding parts are light in weight, easy to install, transport and store. The weight of the scaffold is only equivalent to 1/3 of the traditional steel structure scaffold.

2. Simple and quick to build and disassemble

The overall structure adopts a "building block type" combination design, with standardized components and no loose parts. Without any installation tools, two workers can build an aerial work platform with a height of 20 meters in a short time.

3. The structure is stable and safe

The component connection strength is high, the stable supporting mechanism is designed scientifically and the aluminum alloy scaffolding is safe and stable. Adopting the new cold work technology of internal expansion and external pressure, the destructive pull-off force of the scaffold joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, which is far greater than the allowable pull-off force of 2100Kg. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the 12-meter-high double-wide frame is as high as 900Kg.

4. Easy to move

Equipped with high-strength casters with brakes, which can be moved and locked arbitrarily, and the aluminum alloy scaffolding is convenient for continuous use in multiple different working locations.

5. Strong applicability

The height of the outriggers can be adjusted freely, and can be used based on steps, stairs and complex terrain; with the help of polyurethane casters, it can avoid damage to the marble, wooden floor and lawn and other ground; can enter and exit in narrow spaces (such as elevators, doors), aluminum Construction and operation of alloy scaffolding; diverse combinations and beautiful appearance.

6. Anti-corrosion and maintenance-free

All parts are treated with special anti-oxidation treatment, the joints are solid shot blasting castings, and the service life of aluminum alloy scaffolding products can reach more than 30 years.

7. Aluminum scaffolding is flexible to build

It can be specially designed and manufactured according to the user's special maintenance operation requirements, with rapid delivery and timely and meticulous after-sales service.


Application range of aluminum alloy ringlock scaffold

The new type of aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding has a very wide range of use. The main reason is that there are different aluminum alloy scaffolds corresponding to different use ranges. Aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding single-width vertical ladder work frame can be used for escalators, general escalators, etc.; it can pass through general doors or pedestrian passages; it is small and exquisite, which is convenient for small trucks. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding double-wide vertical ladder work frame can be used for straight ladder, inclined ladder or ladder selection; suitable for construction and industrial use; vertical ladder structure provides the largest working space and reduces construction time; scaffolding work platform can be set on any tower One level, the height of each level is 46cm; the exquisite combination design has greater flexibility and improves the utilization rate; the installation is simple and quick. Aluminum scaffolding double-width 45-degree ladder work frame is used with wide frame; it is convenient to carry tools and carry materials up and down; aluminum scaffolding is equipped with handrails, platforms, and self-locking buckles, which are safe and stable; equipped with a ladder for 3.4.5 level frame The height can be used flexibly; the lightweight structure is strong and easy to build; the aluminum alloy scaffolding work bridge frame: the bridge is used with the handrail, and the door frame is used to suit the needs of different environments. The practicality of aluminum alloy scaffolding has a great effect on the future development, and at the same time, it must be constantly updated to adapt to the fast-developing society.


What preparations should be done before using the ladder

1. Ensure that all rivets, bolts, nuts and moving parts are tightly connected, the ladder column and the steps are firm and reliable, and the extension circlips and hinges are in good working condition

2. The ladder is kept clean and free of grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow and other slippery substances

3. The operator’s shoes are kept clean, and leather-soled shoes are prohibited


What problems should be paid attention to in the use of ladders

1. Do not use ladders when you are tired, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or having physical disabilities

2. Ladder should be placed on a firm and stable ground. It is forbidden to be placed on ice, snow or slippery ground surface without anti-skid and fixed equipment

3. It is forbidden to exceed the marked maximum load-bearing mass during operation

4. It is forbidden to use ladders in strong winds

5. Metal ladders are conductive, avoid close to live places

6. When climbing, the person faces the ladder, grasps with both hands, and keeps the body's center of gravity at the center of the two ladder posts.

7. Do not stand on the steps within 1 meter from the top of the ladder during operation, always keep a safety height of 1 meter, let alone climb the highest support point at the top

8. Do not exceed the top of your head with your hands during work, so as not to lose your balance and cause danger

9. It is forbidden to cross directly from one side of the ladder to the other side


Application of aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding in different construction environments

Aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding is a new type of work platform with advanced design and unique technology. Since its introduction, it has been widely used in indoor and outdoor engineering maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, etc. Application, has the advantages of light weight, simple and fast construction and disassembly, stable structure, convenient movement, corrosion resistance, etc. Although traditional steel tube scaffolding is more widely used in our country than aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding, it is common to have shortcomings such as easy corrosion and low recycling rate and not environmentally friendly. The safety is uneven. Therefore, aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding is gradually replacing some steel tube scaffolding. Become the main force of small and medium-sized scaffolding projects.

The high-quality construction aluminum alloy ring-lock scaffolding meets the EN1004 European scaffolding safety standard, meets the requirements of safety supervision, and is approved and recommended by the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau. It is widely used in subway stations, construction sites, hotels, supermarket halls, convention and exhibition centers, advertising, etc. Engineering overhaul, cleaning and maintenance of the site. The aluminum alloy ring-lock scaffolding adopts a modular structure, with few accessories, construction efficiency, and flexible adjustment of the construction height. It can be used in a single building or can be combined into a taller tower or a gantry as needed. Each platform is safe to pedal. The bearing capacity can reach 200kg/㎡.

The aluminum alloy ringlock scaffolding is beautiful in appearance and reasonable in structure. It is made of 6061 aluminum alloy profile, the pipe diameter is 50.8mm, the pipe wall thickness is 2mm, and the welding + riveting process is adopted. The workmanship is excellent. The platform pedal is aluminum alloy frame + high-strength waterproof plywood. , Waterproof and non-slip, to ensure the personal safety of the staff. The pedals are equipped with skirting boards to prevent stepping on the air or tools and materials from falling, and the overall flexibility of use is high.

According to the various construction environments of customers, it is necessary to build towers of different specifications. Suppliers also need to provide formal inspection reports and factory certificates, construction instructions and maintenance skills. For high-altitude operations, it should be treated rigorously. Choosing excellent aluminum scaffolding is a guarantee for the lives of users.

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