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Common problems of aluminium stage

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Basic characteristics of aluminium Truss stage

The aluminium Truss stage is made of aluminum alloy material. The aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of light material, high strength, and no rust. This product adopts an assembled and telescopic design scheme, which is quick to assemble and can freely adjust the stage within a certain range High, wide range of application, the universal type of stage panel is multi-layer plywood glued red carpet.

1. Both the aluminium Truss stage and the aluminum alloy glass stage are flexible and quick-installed stages, which are easy to disassemble, light and easy to store. Durability is stronger, and the price is favorable.

2. It is made of high-grade sandwich board, which has the advantages of high strength, compression resistance, non-slip, waterproof, sun protection and so on.

3. The professional 18mm thick sandwich board is used. Excellent anti-skid performance: The surface layer is arranged in a certain colloidal granular form to achieve anti-skid performance in rainy days.

4. Safe and stable, dignified and elegant, naturally resistant to various harsh environments.

5. Adapt to various indoor and outdoor fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, studios, and various stage dances. It is currently the most popular and most popular stage.

6. The fashion show stage truss can be equipped with some follow-up lights, moving head lights, colored lights, LED lights, under or on the side of the stage, controlled by the dimming console, the colors can be changed at will, and the colors are colorful.


The expressiveness of the aluminium Truss stage

The lighting in the aluminium Truss stage is the soul of the stage. Swiss stage artist Appia once said: "Light is the visual equivalent of music. Only music and light can express the inner essence of all appearances." The "musicality" of lighting and the "rhythm" of lighting have attracted many peers in recent years. Attention, and rose to a kind of rational knowledge. Appia once again said: "It's just the palette of stage art, and it's just the soul of theatrical performance.

1. Located at the last part of the stage performance space of the frame, as a curtain to express the background environment of the performance. Its height and width are usually larger than the size of the platform, it can be designed as a flat screen or an arc-shaped wide screen according to the needs of the performance.

2. The curtain faces the inside of the auditorium, and can be used for lighting or projecting various color images with sky lights, slides, etc., forming an integral picture with the entire stage space. Using white fine canvas as the material, the color is white and the light absorption performance is good.

3. Colour is irrelevant, and light inherently contains musicality. "The sense of light and the sense of movement of light are the two major elements of light color producing musicality. The design and operation of stage lighting, and the understanding and processing of its musicality are the keys to the sublimation of the work.


The details of the aluminium truss stage determine the quality of the stage

The aluminium truss stage is also an assembled stage, which is used more at the event site. In order to avoid stage accidents, the quality of the stage is very important. The quality of the stage is determined by the details of the aluminium truss stage.

1. Stage material: The main material is made of high-quality aviation aluminum alloy profiles, which are better than ordinary national standard materials. The board surface has a stage double-sided laminated building template or anti-skid board with a thickness of 18MM.

2. Structure: The introduction of foreign connection methods and the addition of new elements in accordance with the needs of the performance make the stage more stable and faster and more convenient to set up and disassemble.

Compared with the iron stage, the aluminum alloy assembled truss stage is not only more convenient to build, lighter, and will not rust, it has a higher reuse rate than the iron stage, beautiful, light and higher grade. It is suitable for use in different adjustment occasions such as outdoor and indoor. The service life is several times longer than that of the iron stage, and the daily maintenance is simple.


What are the advantages of aluminium truss stage?

Aluminium truss stage is widely used, usually used to build stage. Why choose aluminium truss stage? It has three advantages:

1. Rugged and corrosion resistant:

Compared with other stages, aluminium stage has good corrosion resistance and longer service life. Under normal circumstances, aluminum truss can be used for 10 to 20 years.

2. Lightweight:

The weight of an ordinary truss is only half of the aluminum alloy. For builders who build aluminum truss stages, aluminum truss cuts the burden by half, saving a lot of cost and manpower during construction and transportation.

3. Structure withstand voltage:

The aluminum alloy truss has accurate structure and good bearing capacity, which can fully meet the needs of aluminum alloy truss construction at all stages.

The above are the three advantages of the aluminium truss stage. The aluminium truss stage has a wide range of applications. The aluminum truss specifications are complete. The small aluminum truss is suitable for small outdoor performances. The aluminum truss design is reasonable and the transportation is very convenient. The disassembly of the aluminum truss is also very convenient. .


What is the difference between an aluminium truss stage and an ordinary stage?

Many people look at the stage the same way. In fact, there are a lot of knowledge in it, such as what stage are you on? Steel or aluminum alloy? Can your stage be folded? Wait for these questions to be answered by more professional people. So what is the difference between an aluminium stage and an ordinary stage? Let's talk about the differences from several aspects of the stage.

Stage splicing method

There are multiple ways of splicing the aluminium stage, such as aluminum alloy assembly stage, aluminum alloy Rhea stage, aluminum alloy insert stage, etc. The aluminium stage is composed of aluminium stage columns, aluminium stage frames and stage boards. The main stage frame of the aluminum alloy Rhea stage is an aluminum alloy Rhea rack. A variety of splicing methods are available, which are more selective than ordinary stages.

Whether to fold

According to whether the aluminium stage is folded or not, it can be divided into fixed aluminium stage and aluminum alloy folding stage. The appearance of the folding stage makes the stage construction more convenient, and the storage and transportation of the stage is more convenient. This is also an advantage over the ordinary stage.

Advantages of the stage

The aluminium stage is light, easy to build, and not easy to rust. The aluminium stage has a high repetitive rate, and the service life is several times longer than that of the ordinary stage.

In summary, it can be seen that the aluminium stage is much better than the ordinary stage. If you want a high-end stage with a better price-performance ratio, you can choose an aluminium stage for use.


How to avoid damaging the aluminium truss stage and prolong its service life?

1. Avoid placing the stage truss in acid and alkali objects

The aluminum alloy profile used in the aluminium stage itself can indicate the formation of a protective film, but it will not prevent any corrosion. For example, long-term contact with acid and alkaline objects will cause corrosion to the shelf, and should be avoided.

2. Avoid big friction and collision during the use of the aluminium stage

The most vulnerable are installation, disassembly and transportation. In these processes, the stage truss is more prone to friction and collision. For example, when the stage truss is dragged or disassembled on the ground, the stage truss is placed on the ground. Difficulty in maintenance not only affects the beauty of the stage truss, but also directly reduces the service life of the stage truss.

3. The stage truss can be specially treated under special circumstances

For example, a stage truss that needs to be in contact with water for a long time can be anodized to increase the protective layer of the stage truss.


How should the aluminium truss stage be maintained?

In order to maintain the appearance of the aluminium stage and its service life, it is necessary to maintain the aluminium stage every day.

1. First of all, we must pay attention to the loading and unloading of the aluminium stage to avoid damage.

Aluminum alloy is a soft material, so it may deform under strong impact. Even the famous aluminium stage frame material may change its appearance under excessive impact, so in order to make the aluminium stage have a better effect, it must be avoided during handling and use.

2. Pay attention to regular cleaning of wearing parts.

In order to make the structure of the aluminium stage better, screws will be installed in the active position. Therefore, if the aluminium stage to be installed has a better display effect, you must check the condition of the vulnerable position and wear it in time. Make adjustments.

3. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

When cleaning the aluminium stage, you need to keep the original luster of the platform. It is recommended to wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth. The frequency of wiping should not be too high.

The rags used should not be rough, otherwise it will damage the aluminium stage, and the use of mild special cleaners can quickly clean the stains on the aluminium stage to ensure the original service life.

Only in this way can the surface of the first-class aluminium stage be scratch-free and maintain the original luster, thus showing a better effect in the workbench display.


Talking about the development of aluminium truss stage in the future

As a frame, the aluminium stage plays a supporting role as a medium. This medium links the real world and the stage world.

The stage is a place that attracts the attention of the audience. There are more and more changes in the patterns of the aluminium stage, from the most common to custom stage trusses, with unique shapes.

The current stage has added lighting and structural changes from the previous set, from the most basic rectangular layout to customizing various layouts that meet the needs. Customized stage trusses have become a trend. In addition, the aluminium stage scenery has changed from simple props to real props. In recent years, a large number of LCD screens have been used as backgrounds to enhance visual impact. The aesthetic requirements of modern people are getting higher and higher, no matter how technology changes, the designer's vision and aesthetics, etc., are a test.

The future stage design, under the care of Far Eastern philosophy, will dissolve its own sense of existence and substance. The aluminium stage becomes a frame, which is used to support a medium. This medium connects the real world with the other world.

Furthermore, this medium is constructed by the performance and enriched by the performance itself.

The stage is a basic platform for performances. From the perspective of the audience, the future development trend of the stage should be to weaken the metal parts that can be seen by the naked eye; from the perspective of construction, the future stage is faster and more convenient; from the perspective of the performer, The future stage should be safer and more assured.

How to design an aluminium stage cannot be generalized to define the direction. In the end, the design must meet the needs, reduce the bulky, large-scale props, and transform it into light and high-tech content. The design of the stage is still related to what kind of activities the stage needs to hold, and in line with the theme and actors of the event, the stage truss that meets the requirements of the audience, construction, and performers is what the stage of the future looks like.

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