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Considerations of Stage lighting truss before and after use and storage

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Stage lighting truss precautions before use: If you have to climb or work at height, please bring a good safety belt, all construction personnel must be equipped with helmets. In case of unconventional construction plans and sites or uncertainty about the hanging weight of the equipment, please contact the relevant sales staff for technical communication to ensure the safety of the use of equipment. Understand the use of equipment and the weather and wind conditions, and make the overall structure of the reinforcement program. Safety hanging weight for weight matching should pay attention to subtract the self-weight of climbing personnel, and attention to the shaking force of the shakeable lamps. Check the required equipment, such as the following problems, please use caution, and follow up or repair the equipment!


1. Check whether the frame of the Stage lighting truss is damaged and deformed, especially check whether the welding seam at the port is cracked.

2. Check whether the adjustable foot cups on the base and rocket feet can be rotated and smoothly.

3. Check whether the base plate on the foot cup is damaged and whether there are cracks in the welding.

4. Check the connection screws for rust, especially the threads on the bolts and nuts for damage and corrosion.

5. Connection screws connection parts using 4.8 level bolts and nuts, the recommended use of 8.8 level, such as missing or damaged should pay attention to the purchase of not less than 4.8 and the same type of bolts and nuts.

6. Electric hoist and controller energized for positive and negative running test.

7. Manual hoist need to pull the manual chain, observe is the manual zipper and load-bearing chain is running normally.

8. Check whether the aircraft belt is broken, corrosion.

9. Preparation and inspection of installation tools. Transportation and use of the process should pay attention to the protection of Stage lighting truss, as far as possible to prevent collision and scratch damage and corrosion of Stage lighting truss.


Stage lighting truss after use precautions:

1. warehouse environment requirements: away from chemicals, shelter from rain, dry and ventilated.

2. After the Stage lighting truss is used, all the connecting screws should be removed and kept in a single state.

3. Stage lighting truss on the wire ties and other foreign objects clean up.

4. Stage lighting truss is made of aluminum alloy, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the spoil on the lighting truss, after cleaning, rinse it with water and set up to dry.

5. Stage lighting truss encounter pool water, rainwater and acidic and alkaline substances in use, should be cleaned and dried with plenty of water after use. And check the corrosion situation.

6. Stage lighting truss should not be stored horizontally when it is put into storage. The truss should be placed vertically to facilitate the recovery of the lighting truss stress and prolong its service life.

7. When the manual/electric hoist is finished using, it should be properly placed and regularly maintained by adding lubricating oil and anti-rust oil to the hoist, and pay attention to the wear condition of the chain, please pay attention to the hoist instruction manual for more details.

8.The airplane belt is a fleece product and should be placed in a dry place after use to avoid high temperature baking. Do not continue to use and replace.



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