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How to buy Aluminum spigot truss - Details of Aluminum spigot truss

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Why some consumers feedback that the Aluminum spigot truss they bought is not durable, the quality of the product is related to these two factors, one is the raw materials, the second is the production process, Aluminum spigot truss production welding process occupies a pivotal role. Welding to grasp the temperature and the location of the weld seam. So when you buy Aluminum spigot truss, you can judge the welding process from what is good or bad.


First of all, observe whether the welding point is even and smooth, if there are some metal lumps on Aluminum spigot truss, it is likely that the welding is too high to grasp the appropriate temperature, thus leading to liquefaction reaction at one end and therefore deformation.


Secondly, pay attention to the position of the weld seam. Each Aluminum spigot truss can be said to have undergone a thousand refinements before forming, each time the weld left in addition to the distribution of nodes, but also in other places, such as the bottom of the middle of the welding, in order to achieve uniform force, Aluminum spigot truss is also prone to deformation.


Aluminum spigot truss is mainly used for stage construction: lighting support, stage background support, etc. Due to the high activity and frequency of use, the material of Aluminum spigot truss is required to have the advantages of strong durability, light weight and convenient transportation, high strength and good support, etc. Aluminum 6061-T6 or 6082-T6 aluminum alloy is the most widely used material of Aluminum spigot truss nowadays. (Hardness: 6061-T6>6082-T6) Although the same alloy grade but different manufacturers produce aluminum tubes or more or less there are some differences, the reason may lie in the production process, the buyer is best to find a good reputation, production experience of aluminum manufacturers, or personally to the site to inspect the environment, so that the aluminum tube suppliers have an in-depth understanding is also a good way.


So, here comes the problem, not every buyer can identify the good or bad aluminum alloy material, and not every buyer has the time to go to the factory to inspect ah, so we have to observe the aluminum truss more carefully! It is important to see the wall thickness and diameter! Manufacturers should strictly abide by national standards as well as industry standards for production, never cut corners. The most common specifications in the industry are 50mm diameter for the main tube and 3mm wall thickness; 25mm diameter for the diagonal tube and 3mm wall thickness. the length is mostly customized according to customer requirements. Some manufacturers can even provide aluminum deep processing this process. After the deep processing process, the customers get their hands on aluminum spigot truss that has been cut and welded to the basic shape.


When buying Aluminum spigot truss, make sure to look at the sturdiness of the aluminum alloy and see if the smoothness of the surface is very good. If you choose the welded Aluminum spigot truss must make sure that the weld opening is intact and see if it is sturdy, otherwise it will bring a great hidden danger to the safety.


The application of Aluminum spigot truss in modern activities has been very extensive, whether outdoor or indoor, large programs or small parties to build a beautiful booth, so it is very important to choose a good Aluminum spigot truss, this year the price of truss should be relatively low, which is a good thing for many consumers. After all, Aluminum spigot truss is used to build booths, and booths are used for people to perform, if the quality of the product is not good, the consequences are not to be underestimated! It is very important to choose a good and trustworthy truss company.


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