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Knowledge and precautions of glass stage

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The stage according to different needs, you can choose different stage plate, the conventional stage plate using 18mm non-slip plate, even if the rainy day use also ok. Some, such as the runway stage or concert stage, will use the glass stage surface, transparent glass will give people the feeling of not strong enough, step on it is not solid enough, but in fact, this is an illusion, the following I take you to understand the glass plate, give you a new understanding.

The glass stage glass is what we often call tempered glass, what is tempered glass? Tempered glass is actually a kind of pre-stressed glass, usually using chemical or physical methods to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass, the glass withstand external forces first offset the surface stress, thereby increasing the load-bearing capacity and improving the tensile strength of the glass. There are two main advantages of tempered glass stage: First, the bending strength is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass. Second, its load-bearing capacity increased to improve the fragile nature, even if the tempered glass damage is also a small fragment without sharp angles, the human body's injury is greatly reduced, the surface of the pressure resistance 69Mpa, generally can withstand temperature changes of more than 150 degrees Celsius, to prevent thermal fracture has a significant effect.

Tempered glass stage using tempered glass, which is stronger than ordinary glass. Some manufacturers also use tempered glass, tempered glass properties between tempered glass and ordinary glass It should be noted that tempered glass does not belong to the range of safety glass, once broken, there are still sharp fragments hurt people. So you must ask the businessman when buying glass supplies in the end is tempered glass or reinforced glass.

Tempered glass stage of the tempering principle of heating the glass, and then after rapid cooling (a bit like metal quenching), so that the glass has a large internal tensile stress, while producing greater compressive stress on its surface. The effect is similar to that of prestressed reinforced concrete elements that use tensile steel to create compressive stresses in the part to be reinforced. The difference is that prestressed reinforced concrete produces compressive stresses only in some areas, while tempered glass produces compressive stresses on all surfaces. The tempering and hardening process of glass is also different from the hardening process of metal surface hardening treatment. The tempering of glass does not harden the surface of the glass, and thus the surface resistance to scuffing and scratching is not significantly improved after the tempering of glass.

How to distinguish whether the stage is applied tempered glass

Method one: broken due to tempered glass broken, the fragments will break into small uniform particles and no universal glass knife-like sharp corners. Method 2: Polarized glass tempered glass can be seen through the polarized light sheet in the side of the glass colored stripes, and in the face of the glass observation, you can see black and white spots. Polarized light sheet can be found in the camera lens or glasses, observation, pay attention to the adjustment of the light source, so that it is easier to observe.

Glass stage applicable tempered glass is in the spirit of responsible attitude to the user, in fact, is also the maintenance of their own brand, to create qualified and safe stage truss canopy equipment, not to pursue inferior competition, must be the consistent attitude of shizhan truss manufacturers.

glass stage

Precautions when using a glass stage

Many businessmen, entertainers and other industry players choose to use the glass stage when promoting their activities because it can display a gorgeous and colorful dream space that constantly attracts the audience's eyes and increases the audience's enthusiasm to participate in the activities. Behind the activities into, Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co., Ltd. considers the need to minimize safety hazards, here we focus on stage materials, stage construction, stage maintenance three aspects of attention, to solve the stage safety problems that may exist, prevention before it is too late.

Glass stage truss material

Good quality glass stage truss can ensure the safety of the people present, and the safety of the people directly affect the success of the event publicity. Its quality truss has the following main aspects.

1. In general, the stage truss that meets the common sense of welding and fine workmanship and precise size is better, with neat shape and exquisite appearance, and its accessories are more perfectly matched with it.

2. The stage truss with bright silver color and rich color has been processed by acid dipping. On the contrary, it is a poor quality product.

3. Most manufacturers use bubble bags to pack the trusses and use plugs to cover the ends of the truss supervisors to prevent the deformation of the products.

4. Grinder process and polish the two ends of stage truss to make it flat and easy to link.

Glass stage background frame construction

1. Our company suggests that when building the glass stage backdrop, we should choose a suitable site, which can be a dense and prosperous area or a public place with high credibility and popularity, which is conducive to the promotion and dissemination of activities and can effectively attract the attention of the audience, thus strengthening the publicity.

2. the glass stage backdrop needs to consider the convenience of traffic, can enhance the active participation of the audience, so that the platform has greater publicity space, but also to prevent unsafe problems occur, conducive to the evacuation of the audience concentration.

3. its sound and electrical equipment can not be ignored, good equipment for the event publicity has a significant effect, the reasonable application of better equipment and stage supporting, play the maximum role of the glass stage. Glass stage lighting equipment is particularly important, is the key to attract the audience's first impression, of course, sound equipment is also an important factor, good sound quality and colorful lighting effects, can enliven the whole stage.

The glass stage maintenance

In addition to the above two factors, from the glass stage security, glass stage maintenance is one of the factors to prevent safety problems. Reasonable glass maintenance can extend the life of the glass stage, but also to ensure the safety of the people present, so as to effectively achieve the stage publicity effect.

We reminded the glass stage maintenance to pay attention to the following three points.

1. have regular inspection and cleaning of glass stage equipment, frame and other awareness to prevent equipment off, damage and chemical decay.

2. found that the use of product quality problems or can not be used normally, should promptly find professionals to repair.

3. pay attention to the service life of the glass stage equipment, in the longer effective use of the year, to replace.

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