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Knowledge of Aluminum stage platform construction

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How to adjust the ratio between microphone volume and accompaniment music

A good song, should be accompanied by music accounted for 40%, singing voice accounted for 60%, if the singer tone is good, can be appropriate to reduce the weight of some accompanying music, in order to highlight the singer's voice; if the singer of the song by the melody is not very familiar, easy to sing out of tune, in tune, in order to disguise these shortcomings, this time can be appropriate to increase the weight of some accompanying music. But in the specific operation, should be careful not to turn the microphone volume excessively large, not to mention the singing volume is much higher than the accompaniment music. The result seems too weak accompaniment sound, most of the time only hear the singer's voice, as if a person singing there, and Lost the atmosphere of karaoke; but also can not let the accompaniment sound is too strong, the accompaniment sound is too strong, and will "drown out" the singer's voice, it sounds as if only an orchestra playing music, not to experience the singer's feelings.


How to adjust the pitch of the accompaniment music

Accompaniment music is based on the original singer's voice and the tone of the performance, it can not adapt to the noise conditions of each singer, such as some of the original singer's range is relatively high, some of the original singer sings in the sound area is relatively low, in order to make the accompaniment music to take care of the noise characteristics of each singer, sound engineer, tuner should have a sensitive auditory response to the characteristics of the singer's voice. When performing, the First, the pitch control is placed in the middle position, since it does not raise or lower. A song begins, if the singer can fit the tone, it is not necessary to adjust; on the contrary, the singer, such as the bass area can not sing down, or the treble area can not keep up, according to the actual situation will be transmitted to adjust the tone of the singer to adapt to the tone area.

Tuning is a very artistic process, which requires the tuner to have a good sense of music and perception, need to have a high musical cultivation, to have a sensitive auditory response to the scene, so that the tuned sound can be accepted by the audience

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Truss rental aluminum stage platform construction

The truss rental aluminum stage platform construction as the third step of the entire aluminum stage platform construction, when we finish the aluminum stage platform construction is only a part of the stage, and the next should be the design of aluminum stage. The design of aluminum stage platform is the core part of the whole truss rental aluminum stage platform construction, which can also be said to be the key part of the whole show. The design of the aluminum stage platform is to "stage" as the subject matter of the design, more specifically to stage equipment, lighting, curtain, sound, performance props suspension and replacement bracket system clothing.

The design of aluminum stage platform can be divided into open-air stage, mobile stage and indoor stage from another angle, in fact, there is already a stage in the early days, with the passage of time, the design of aluminum stage platform, Aluminum stage platform design is also considered an art, not just the surface we see so simple, there are a lot of learning inside.

For example, in the annual meeting stage construction technology includes perspective scenery, false perspective, rapid rotation to replace the background and so on, and then if you want to consider the content of the annual meeting stage construction design, the main audience. Stage, backstage three major parts, etc., these must be taken into account in the design of the time, so the annual meeting stage design required the ability to need all aspects of the ability to have, such as stage painting, prop production, stage lighting, music knowledge, sound design knowledge and a series of, only with these conditions we will be able to set up a more satisfactory stage.


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