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Notes on building a stage platform

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Stage platform is a common equipment used in celebration activities, and is also a necessary item for all activities. Stage platform is the cornerstone to show the style of personnel, event specifications, and reflect the magnificent scene of the event. So the importance of stage platform construction is self-evident. In an event in the stage platform is naturally essential, about the stage platform is also necessary to consider from many aspects of the construction of the stage platform is not only a single frame to build, there is the choice of lighting and sound is also an important part of the entire stage construction, if we have good lighting and If we have good lighting and sound, then it will add a lot of color to our stage platform, so when building a stage platform we can not ignore the choice of sound and lighting. While building a stage platform, we should take into account the environment of the stage platform, the lighting problem, the viewing angle of the audience, the stability of the stage platform, the number of channels and up and down the stage, and many other details, especially the safety issues. Here, Shizhan Group will organize the following common problems in building a stage platform for you. Today we will see what problems to pay attention to when building a stage!

First of all, stage building is not only a platform, but also a way to attract the public's attention and maximize the publicity effect. Because in many business activities need to have a large number of participants, so the stage itself should take into account the participants of the traffic problem, only fast and convenient transportation can attract as many viewers for the display activities, so as to achieve the effect of the stage itself to be achieved; third, the stage build equipment. Only the perfect equipment to make the stage alive, in order to more effectively play the role of the stage as a promotional platform. In this regard, the effect of lighting and sound is very important. Due to the development of modern acoustic and electrical equipment, sound and light can create a very good field effect, and can make changes according to the needs of the scene effect, therefore, build stage platform must pay attention to the use of acoustic and electrical equipment; generally in the construction of the customer will also be in the scene layout exhibits, at this time the specific responsible for the project business service personnel can accompany the scene, if necessary, the designer can also If necessary, the designer can also go to the site to supervise the construction and communicate with the customer immediately. Although the actual effect can not be immediately reflected, but many customers hope to get such a service.

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The specific problems of building a stage can be organized into the following five points


Considering the performance of the light problem

If it is a night performance, because it is necessary to install lights and set up lighting truss, we should consider the convenience of electricity connection, so as not to make the transmission line through the audience, which will cause hidden danger in terms of safety, and also increase the cost of performance.

Consider if it is a daytime performance, the choice of performance time, to consider the angle of sunlight, so as not to open the eyes of the actors or audience, should be arranged for the performance area actors facing the sun, not backlight, otherwise the makeup effect is difficult to perform. Audience seats, podium to backlight, otherwise daylight harsh, affect the viewing.


Considering the number of actors on and off the stage channel

According to the requirements of the program, leaving enough actors on and off the stage channel. In order to facilitate the withdrawal, the actor channel should not be designed as a staircase, and the use of ramps to avoid congestion when withdrawing.


Building the stage in the typical environment

Especially celebratory performances, to fully reflect the typical environment of the scene, to create the environmental atmosphere of the celebration.


The stage should have a level

General outdoor large-scale variety show activities are relatively large, the actors are also more, if the stage is larger, it is necessary to design and build some level changes to facilitate the program choreographer to arrange numerous actors, the picture has a sense of hierarchy.


Considering whether the stage is sturdy

Build stage platform material is very important, general theater performance rarely encountered, but outdoor large-scale variety show activities is an inevitable problem. To give full consideration to the needs of the program, the materials used to have a certain load-bearing factor, to ensure the safety of the stage, I have encountered outdoor performances, the stage partial collapse of the problem, once the stage is built and then do local reinforcement, it is quite troublesome. If a fall occurs, it is more trouble.


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