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Problems to be noted when building Aluminium stage

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Shizhan Group has many different materials and specifications of Aluminium stage. When constructing Aluminium stage with Aluminium stage truss, you need to pay attention to many aspects and understand the basic knowledge of Aluminium stage.

Aluminium stage construction of fire-related issues

Is it necessary to use fireproof coating for Aluminium stage truss?

Other Reference suggestions during the Aluminium stage construction process



Aluminium stage construction of fire-related issues

1. The electrical equipment of Aluminium stage must meet the fire safety requirements and the use of aluminum core insulated wires on Aluminium stage should be stopped. The electrician of the theater should make a good safety skills presentation to the electrician of the theater company, and should work closely with them. They must achieve three-phase balanced electricity consumption, not to exceed the load, and keep the electricity consumption within the extra range. Fixed electrical equipment is not allowed to move and dismantle at will, and prohibit the indiscriminate pulling of temporary wires.


2. Before using the lamps and lanterns on Aluminium stage, they should be checked for fire safety. Hanging lamps and lanterns should be not less than 40cm away from the curtain, scenery and other combustible materials mobile lamps and lanterns should be used rubber cables, plugs and sockets should adhere to touch outstanding. Regulators and other heat-prone equipment should be installed on a non-combustible base to avoid baking combustible materials to start a fire. After each performance, the theater company should be responsible for the use of the Aluminium stage to check the scope of fire, to recognize the safety of the power to block before leaving.


3. The fire-fighting equipment on the Aluminium stage should have a fixed position and conspicuous signs, and should not be moved at will.


4. Aluminium stage to stop smoking and living, artists should be designated in the rest room smoking area, such as the characters need to smoke, should pay attention to the disposal of cigarette butts to avoid causing combustible materials on fire. The use of fireplace heating should be handled by a person, and set on a non-combustible base, the surrounding area should be added to the furnace block, lead wire mesh cover protection. Fireplace chimney and combustible materials should not be less than 50cm apart. stop the use of LPG stove on Aluminium stage and endanger the safety of the stage, the audience hall local.


5. Prohibit the use of gasoline, ether and other flammable liquids to clean wigs and costumes on the stage and in the costume room, if cleaning should be done in a safe location outside the Aluminium stage.


6. Performances using flammable and explosive substances for flame action, must be agreed by the fire supervision department. And in the use of a person to operate, a person to serve as a supervisor. Generally should not be used without a bullet to shoot the sound effects of the mouth production of special role of flammable and explosive substances, prohibited to be placed on the stage.


7. Aluminium stage side stage, the channel to stop the storage of non-scene performance sets and props, and to stop the accumulation of other combustible materials.


8. Various curtains and screens on the stage are better to pass the fireproof treatment.



Is it necessary to use fireproof coating for Aluminium stage truss?

Is it necessary to use fireproof coating for Aluminium stage truss, Shizhan Group will tell you that most of Aluminium stage truss are made of steel knots, and in order to make the product meet the requirements in some aspects, some treatment should be applied to the truss. For example, in order to ensure the fire resistance limit of Aluminium stage truss, it is necessary to grasp the thickness of spraying fireproof paint on the truss to avoid various shortcomings that may affect the effectiveness of the truss. How to operate this aspect of the truss?


The uniformity of fireproof paint on Aluminium stage truss is also a key factor. After the spraying is completed, the protrusions should be removed to ensure uniformity and flatness to avoid various problems later. It is also important to note that the condition of all this is to ensure the correct choice of Aluminium stage truss fireproof coating type, otherwise all of the above is useless and still cannot reach the fire protection standard.


Other even if it is the same kind of fireproof coating, assuming that the thickness of spraying does not pass, the fire resistance limit obtained is also different. It can be seen that the importance of strict control of coating thickness, assuming that the coating of Aluminium stage truss is too thin, it needs to be sprayed from the beginning, continuously, until it reaches the requirement to stop.


At this point, Shizhan Group can tell you that trusses play an important role in all aspects, so it is necessary to use fireproof coating.



Other Reference suggestions during the Aluminium stage construction process

The first thing is the location of the Aluminium stage construction. Generally, the company holds the product activity exhibition, certainly for the purpose of publicity, so the exhibition must be chosen in the densely populated, flowing area.


Second is the choice of material of Aluminium stage truss. We know that stage truss is divided into steel truss, wood truss, concrete truss, iron truss, wood truss and so on according to the material. Among them, steel truss is mainly used for roof structure of industrial and civil buildings, crane beam, bridges and hydraulic gates, etc. Steel truss is often used as the main load bearing member. Wooden joist is the main load-bearing structure of wooden roof, wooden bridge and wooden tower.


Aluminum stage truss is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which has excellent anti-corrosion property; the average load capacity of aluminum alloy truss can reach more than 600kg. To meet the needs of various performances, music and other hanging large audio equipment.


Aluminium stage truss is generally built with trapezoidal truss, triangular truss, etc. The staff will build it according to the actual situation. In the process of stage truss construction, it is necessary to explain to the aluminum stage truss construction staff the position of hanging and placing of banners so that the staff can pay attention to these issues in the construction project.


In addition to Aluminium stage truss, there are also stage equipment to pay attention to, among which lighting and sound are very important, they are the catalyst for the exhibition to be active and lively, and they should be well combined with the style of the whole exhibition to create the ideal effect. The above is the advice you can refer to when building Aluminium stage, hope it can help you!


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