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Quality of aluminum scaffolding in-depth analysis

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Quality of aluminum scaffolding will affect the safety of aluminum scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding is an aerial work product, safety is very important, this article analyzes the Quality of aluminum scaffolding used in aluminum scaffolding layer by layer upwards. High Quality of aluminum scaffolding is not only adequate, safe and stable, but also easy to build.

According to the standard of EU HD1004, the spacing of each file of the frame and the reinforcement of the force structure of the frame, the design of straight and tee are all related to the regulations. A good frame should be structurally stable and reliable, easy to build and easy to install. Here we analyze the standard and meet the requirements of the frame should be how?


The tube is the choice of material used for aluminum alloy scaffolding, because aluminum alloy scaffolding needs to build a very high height, even more than 40 meters high, should choose high strength, and enough hardness and toughness of the material used, generally use 6061 or 6082 series and other high-strength aviation special aluminum profiles as the head of aluminum alloy scaffolding.

2.Straight through

Aluminum scaffolding frame and frame parts connection, this part is the key safety parts, according to the EU's Quality of aluminum scaffolding standard is not less than 150mm, must be installed firmly can not be loose, can not use screws or rivets and other ways, the most solid connection is welding, using cold pressing and other processes, this part because of the use of aluminum scaffolding process, the scaffolding will shake, cold pressing parts for a long time shaking will appear loose, so it is not safe.


The Quality of aluminum scaffolding sold on the market at present is a lot of not meeting the safety requirements, there is no tee connecting the horizontal tube and vertical tube, directly using the tube and pipe butt welding, the main purpose of the aluminum alloy scaffolding frame made in this way is to save materials and cost, but it will have a big impact on the safety and stability of the aluminum alloy scaffolding. However, it will have a great impact on the safety and stability of aluminum scaffolding. The correct practice should be to make a tee connection as shown in the diagram, and this tee should not use fragile die-casting, but should be made by extrusion deep processing of the profile. Such a tee will be made stable and solid, and will not produce fracture phenomenon.

4.Reinforcement support

The aluminum alloy scaffolding frame shown is quadrilateral, and the structure of quadrilateral is not stable. The correct practice should be to add reinforced support rods at the four corners of the quadrilateral, so that the frame becomes firm.

5.Safety buckle

Aluminum scaffolding frame and frame directly must use safety buckle to connect and fix the frame, and positioning, so that the frame can not shake. This detail is very important, but there are many aluminum scaffolds sold in the market without such safety buckle.

The above is a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Quality of aluminum scaffolding for customers who need to buy aluminum scaffolding but don't know how to choose high quality and safe aluminum scaffolding. At the same time, we also remind the majority of people who use aluminum scaffolding construction to note that there is no national standard for Quality of aluminum scaffolding, but aluminum scaffolding is a high-altitude work product, so You must choose carefully!

Aluminum Layher Scaffolding

Although there are more types of aluminum scaffolding, we can judge the Quality of aluminum scaffolding from the following points:

1. Whether the aluminum scaffolding products have to do with third-party quality certification, usually we buy products outside, are supported by the relevant Quality of aluminum scaffolding standards.

2. The material of aluminum scaffolding products, from the selection of materials to use the better raw materials, so that the Quality of aluminum scaffolding can be guaranteed.

3. Wall thickness of aluminum scaffolding, the wall thickness of the "thin" and "thick", determine the service life of the overall aluminum scaffolding and the use of security, the thicker the wall thickness of the aluminum tube, the better the weight of its own load;.

4. Processing technology, each manufacturer processing technology is different, choose the process more mature and stable products.

5. Production experience, the production of aluminum scaffolding manufacturers, and the number of production experience determines the quality of the product, with a wealth of production experience to make the product more secure!

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