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Highlights of Acrylic stage and the difference between Acrylic stage and Tempered glass stage

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Nowadays, with people's awareness and understanding of acrylic materials, in life will be used to large and small acrylic products, it is not only in shopping malls, offices are more and more widely used, Acrylic stage is also receiving more and more attention and use.


Customer Miss Han is a cultural media assistant, once she communicated with me on the shopping software, in the shooting need to use our set of Acrylic stage as a prop. And there are many customers who use Acrylic glass for photography projection, etc., so we can see how widely Acrylic stage can be used!


We also have two customers are also in the TV station, stage work, Acrylic stage design and production can be said, Acrylic stage focus on personalization, customization! Generally can be used for floor, table top, decoration and so on.


The material used to make this transparent Acrylic stage is what we usually call plexiglass, also called acrylic. acrylic stage is widely used in domestic public occasions, such as, stage speeches, press conferences, academic lectures, press conferences of various departments of the State Council and other places often see similar Acrylic stage. Clean and simple. It is generally made of 10 mm thick to 18 mm thick acrylic sheet by bonding or heat bending.


Many audiences see the glass stage always feel that the glass stage with lighting gives a sense of high-end atmosphere. But the glass stage is used on the tempered glass or Acrylic glass, how thick will these glass be, and is it safe?


Tempered glass is three to five times more impact resistant than ordinary glass of the same thickness. Tempered glass is safe and breaks in granular form to avoid harm to human body, and is widely used in high-rise building curtain walls, elevator handrails, glass partitions and other occasions.


The use of tempered glass to make the stage, generally only 15mm or 12mm thickness, 18mm after the tempered glass will increase the burden of transport assembly.


Acrylic stage using acrylic casting board, acid and alkali resistance, long service life of more than three years, good light transmission, Acrylic stage impact resistance is more than fifteen times the ordinary glass, lighter weight, plasticity, suitable for the need to customize the stage.


In comparison, Acrylic stage quality is better, but the cost will be correspondingly higher, the glass stage to choose tempered glass or Acrylic stage need to be based on their own ability to buy.



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