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The role of Stage lighting truss in the entire stage truss system

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What you need to know to build a Stage lighting truss?

Stage lighting truss introduction: It is a commonly used equipment when building stage lighting or gantry. Because of its strong bearing capacity, you can hang lights or large LED screens on it. Stage lighting trusses generally need to be used with other auxiliary equipment. Commonly used accessories are square sleeve, square head, base, support, cross arm, hanging gourd, and reverse head.


Method of building Stage lighting truss:

1. First place the four bases in a rough position on the ground.

2. Insert the part under the diagonal support on the outside of each base.

3. Fix the reverse head on the base with screws.

4. Put a square sleeve on the reverse head.

5. Link the beams together.

6. Connect the two ends of the beam to the two square sleeves on both sides, and then the beam part is assembled on the ground.

7. Connect the column truss while lying flat, then screw one end to the reverse head, and the other end to the cross arm. At the same time, the hanging gourd and the cross arm are connected. The function of the gourd is to lift the lower beam truss .

8. A group of people slowly erect the column truss together, taking care not to push the column with too much force, and then fix the screws on the reverse head.

9. After the column is erected, hook the hook under the hanging gourd to the beam below through the sling.

10. 4 people slowly pull the hanging gourd together to pull the crossbeam to the left and right positions of the person's head.

11. Install lighting and sound equipment on the beam.

12. Four people pull the hanging gourd to a predetermined height to stop.

13. Tighten one end of the diagonal support to the column, and the other end to the horizontal support of the base, so that the Stage lighting truss is completed.


What are the specifications of the Stage lighting truss?

In order to pursue perfect and gorgeous stage effects for all kinds of large-scale stage activities today, stage trusses are needed to build the required shapes. The stability and safety of the Stage lighting truss is extremely important. General exhibitions or stage performances generally need to use Stage lighting truss, because it is more convenient and flexible to build, and safer, so now the stage truss has also become diverse, so that it can adapt to various requirements .

In the beginning, there was no Stage lighting truss. At that time, the folding truss of round tube was mostly chosen because it was very strong and convenient to transport. However, this type of truss has only two forms of single spring head and double spring head. The more practical is the construction of indoor exhibitions or the construction of large-scale stages, but if you need to build a stage with various styles, it is not flexible enough. Another point is to use a round tube truss to build the stage, which must be fixed with a spring head. It takes a lot of manpower and powerlessness, and the requirements for environmental factors are still very high.


Structural advantages of Stage lighting truss

When selecting the specifications of the Stage lighting truss, we mainly look at the structural advantages of the Stage lighting truss. Whether such a stage effect is good or not, we can all see from the structural advantages. When selecting, we can mainly choose such a lighting stand. , Can guarantee to provide more adequate light source. The influence of such a light source is also relatively obvious, combined with the matching effect of the stage lighting frame structure, it can provide different stage lighting changes.

Many gala parties choose to use such a stage outdoor Stage lighting truss to provide a better atmosphere, to ensure that the stage performance can not be affected by the outside world and present a harmonious atmosphere. When making the stage environment, we should also pay attention to using such structural advantages. The advantages of stage Stage lighting trusses are indeed very obvious, which we can see from the experience in actual use.

When matched with the stage use effect, you can also combine the use effect of the stage lighting lifting frame to make a more unique stage beautification form, so the use advantage is even more obvious. We can use such Stage lighting trusses to achieve a high level of stage performance.


Stage lighting truss usage details

With the frequent development of commercial performances, more and more Stage lighting trusses are used. High-quality lighting products can not only provide a solid and reliable venue for events, but also add color to the performance. As a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy trusses, we provide you with a few suggestions on the details of the use of Stage lighting trusses.

1. The distance between the cross arm and the cross beam should not be too large. Try to raise the height of the Stage lighting truss as close to the cross arm as possible, otherwise the cross beam is easy to shake, and the staff will go up to arrange the light and sound to be dangerous.

2. Some protective measures should be taken for the taller Stage lighting truss, otherwise it is prone to collapse accidents.

3. Do not add tarpaulin, net cloth, etc. above the truss, which will increase the lateral force of the Stage lighting truss, which may be affected by wind and cause accidents.

4. Please use the Stage lighting truss carefully in bad weather. If the outdoor stage light frame encounters strong wind, heavy rain and other weather, the stage light frame should be protected in time.


How to choose a Stage lighting truss?

How to choose a Stage lighting truss? With the increase in wedding activities, people are paying more and more attention to it. Indeed, what kind of lighting stand is in line with our needs and is cost-effective? Below is an explanation of how to choose a lighting stand! For various types of stage construction, we all need to arrange the lighting. At this time, the Stage lighting truss is indispensable. Of course, we have also seen that the best performance lighting racks can fix various audio lamps higher and create a better effect for the stage, so it is very important to choose better audio and lighting equipment.

1. The Stage lighting truss is foldable, easy to install, highly flexible and easy to adjust, and has a high safety factor. The smaller the storage space, the better, and it is easy to store;

2. Shop around for Stage lighting trusses with fair prices and no price fraud. Take the average of the market price and sell them reasonably;

3. The after-sales service of the Stage lighting truss is in place, and there is no phenomenon of indifferent after the goods are sold, and the after-sales maintenance is enthusiastic;

Stage lighting trusses must be rented for stage performances. Choosing more professional lighting products will have better reliability. Stage lighting trusses have better performance in quality assurance, and they will also have better advantages.

Stage lighting truss can provide more help for performances, so the reliability will also be significantly improved. Of course, the various types of lighting racks we provide can meet the needs of stage construction, and the rental price is not expensive, which can reduce the cost of stage construction for the event organizer.


Where is the Stage lighting truss heading?

More and more outdoor performances, catwalks and other entertainment activities have been vigorously developed by themselves, and they have also promoted the improvement of the stage Stage lighting truss industry. The stage construction materials not only contribute to the customers, but also the stage Stage lighting trusses! So in what direction is the stage Stage lighting truss heading? Do you know?

First of all, nowadays environmental protection is very popular. As a stage Stage lighting truss, this is an opportunity to develop itself. Through continuous research and development of the company, stage Stage lighting truss can be recycled and used for a long time. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The profile is processed and made without any pollution to the environment; secondly, it is multi-functional, optimized and improved to meet the different needs of consumers, so that the company can seek development in the fiercely competitive industry!

In our country, stage Stage lighting trusses have been developed for several years. It is a relatively mature industry. As the competition index continues to rise, there are also some market situations where supply exceeds demand. If you want to survive, you must know the company, stage Stage lighting truss In what direction is the product developing! To achieve stability while seeking fastness and precision while seeking stability, I believe that under such a development situation, the development prospects will be very broad!


The importance of lighting in dance performances

Dance performance is an art, and art needs lighting. With the advancement of technology and the renewal of concepts, lighting is indispensable in today's complete dance. Today's lighting not only plays the role of lighting, but also Existence not only renders the atmosphere of the entire stage, but also highlights the charm of dance, making dance more beautiful, and becoming an indispensable part of dance performance art.


1. The characteristics of stage lighting

(1) Constraint of stage lighting

Dance itself is an art. In the dance performance, lighting cannot be separated from the needs of the dance performance. In dance performances, dance lighting is always in a subordinate position. Dance always constrains the lighting. The design of lighting is always subject to the script, actors, and directors. Constraints must play their due role in accordance with the original model. Light can only play its due role in a specific scene and achieve the preset effect. The stage lighting is dependent on the dancers.

(2) The controllability of stage lighting

The controllability of stage lighting makes it widely used in stage performances. The controllability is mainly manifested in its ability to control the color, intensity, angle, range and other factors of the lighting. Using these characteristics and technical means to meet the needs of artistic creation, Create the image of dancers.

(3) Plasticity of stage lighting

The plasticity of stage lighting has made him an art form. The plasticity of stage lighting is mainly manifested in the use of light to create a good image of dancers. Lighting can change the effect of dancers’ costumes, change the discordant factors in the stage scene, and make static objects. Become dynamic, shaping the actor's inner psychological activity.


2.The function of stage lighting

(1) Time adjustment function of stage lighting

Stage lighting can not only play a role in lighting, make the stage scene clearer, but also enhance the effect of stage performances and highlight the beauty of dancers. At the same time, the lighting can change with the changes of the plot to meet the needs of the development of the plot and highlight the background effect. . Stage lighting has the function of transforming time and space. The change of plot in dance has a time effect. The time contained in dance is the time of change. The lighting can slow down, fast forward, jump, rewind, and stop in time. The function, in conjunction with the plot to express the artistic conception, plays a very good role in regulating the changes of stage time. In addition, stage lighting can play a role in adjusting the atmosphere. The time and space created by stage lighting are unified, coexisting and indivisible. In the process of atmosphere rendering, stage lighting uses the visual effects of light and shadow to show visible visual images.

(2) The space-time conversion function of stage lighting

With the development of the times, the continuous progress of science and technology, the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign cultures, Chinese dances go abroad and into the world, and there are more and more requirements for the time and space of lighting. The time and space means that the lighting must be based on the content of the script. The style, as well as the different forms of performance, are used just right. Time creation can only reflect the role of lighting if it is unified with the content of the script. If the lighting is inconsistent with the content and the form is chaotic, it will be difficult to create a perfect dance artwork. Different dances, different eras, and different locations have different requirements for lighting. Only when the creation of light is combined with dance art can it reveal the theme and content of dance and produce the greatest value. Of course, stage lighting is not static. On the basis of not violating the principle, the lighting engineer can make bold creations under the premise of understanding the intent of the choreographer, give full play to the role of lighting, and make the dance work more perfect. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the organic integration of light and scenery, which is conducive to the formation of a unified stage style. At the same time, pay attention to the different stage effect designs on different occasions. Different themes have different effects. Lighting is a tool for the expression of themes Special attention should be paid to the organic integration of landscapes.

(3) The stage lighting should follow certain principles when using it

The stage lighting must follow certain principles when using it. In terms of intensity, it must not only allow the audience to see the color, appearance and details, but also not be dazzling, and will not affect the performance of the dancer; the distribution should distinguish between the lead dancer and the back dancer; the color; The computer color tones are used to meet the needs of the development of the plot; according to the changes of the plot, the color and brightness of the light can be changed as needed. Lighting adjustment itself is a science and technology, but combined with dance, it has life characteristics and artistic soul.


3.The importance of stage lighting in dance

(1) The virtual role of stage lighting in dance art

Dance exists as an art. Dance uses dancers’ body movements, performance postures and facial expressions to portray the character of characters (things), reappear the scene, and express the feelings of the characters and the plot of the story, and express thoughts and emotions with heart. Connecting the hearts of actors and audiences is a virtual means in itself. It is based on fairy tales or life stories. Through body language, it achieves the purpose of expressing thoughts and emotions to the audience and presents the brilliant glory of the stage in front of the audience. With the end of the performance, all of this will disappear, which in itself is an illusory way of expression. The light at this time is no longer just a simple lighting tool. It reproduces the storyline, constructs a virtual scene, reproduces objective things, and may construct a virtual sky, construct a romantic scene, and sublimate the dance work into A beauty of artistic conception adds emotional color to the audience and allows the audience to devote themselves to the dance art works. This kind of virtual and real picture plays a role that cannot be ignored in the dance performance art.

(2) The effect of stage lighting on dance performances

Stage lighting has strong flexibility. On an empty stage, lighting can create a rapidly changing space for this stage. Brilliant colors can instantly fill the entire stage. Good lighting design can improve the performance mood of the actors and enhance the actors. The psychological quality of the actor enhances the performance ability of the actor. The presence of stage lighting provides a broader display space for the actors. The integration of lighting and dancers can enhance the dancers' confidence and burst of passion. The right lighting makes the work show the ideal effect. The light at this time is like a passionate flame, which makes the actors feel the charm of the light on the stage, creates a spiritual mood for the dancers during the performance, improves the performance of the dancers, and then conveys the enthusiasm of the dancers to the audience. , Under the action of stage lighting, the beauty of dance works can be fully expressed, so as to achieve the ideal performance effect.

(3) The role of stage lighting in the creation of dance works

The stage is like a piece of white paper, and the dancer is like a monotonous pencil drawing on white paper. There is no background and no color. The light is just the color and background on the white paper. When watching a performance, the first impression given to the audience is the visual impact. This visual impact is the embodiment of the stage lighting, which makes the whole stage colorful. The addition of it changes the color of the costumes, and the virtual lighting solves the problem. In addition to the difficulty of the actual layout, the lighting can also cover up the shortcomings on the stage and hide the shortcomings of the actors' performances. This kind of color filling will make the stage colorful, more vivid, and highlight the characteristics of the work. The rich expression of lighting can stimulate the inspiration and passion of the choreographer's creation, expand the creative idea of the choreographer, fully display the connotation of the work, and closely link the choreographer, actors and audience. At the same time, the lighting also makes the stage more three-dimensional and artistic, making the dance works more perfect.

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