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Which point do you value in the aluminum stage truss?

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What is a aluminum stage truss

The aluminum stage truss mainly refers to two parts, the stage and the truss. The stage is a platform for performance activities, and the truss can be used to build a stage background, light frame, etc. There are many uses for trusses. There are also many types of stages, the material is steel and aluminum alloy, there are movable and insert buckle stages. It depends on how the user chooses.


Stage classification

1. According to the change of shape

1) Mirror-frame stage

A framed stage means that the audience is on one side of the stage, while the rest of the stage is blocked by objects for the actors and technicians to make preparations.

2)Stretching stage

The difference between the stretched stage and the framed stage is that a part of the stage protrudes forward and extends to the auditorium, and all three sides of this part are exposed to the audience. Mainly used in dance halls, fashion show halls, club multi-function halls, auditoriums, theaters and other entertainment venues.

3)Ring-shaped stage

The circular stage means that the audience is located around the stage. Usually the circular stage is located in the center of the theater. Viewers can be close

Enjoy the performance from the ground.

4)Rotating stage

The rotating effect is mainly produced by hydraulic equipment, and the effects of lifting, rotating, etc. will appear.

Used in modern disco halls, dance halls, and fashion show halls. The rotating stage adopts an automatic compression friction wheel transmission mechanism or a gear transmission mechanism or a pin gear transmission mechanism, which has reversibility, stepless speed regulation, and accurate positioning functions.

5)Swing stage

The wave stage is a special activity stage. The table can automatically make a circular wave-shaped undulating movement around the center point of the table. The frequency of the wave can be controlled by the program. It gives people a feeling of passion and joy.

6)Drum turntable

The drum-bucket stage is composed of Togo lifting platforms, which have no contact with the steel structure, and can be lifted and lowered independently. The whole stage can be rotated. It is suitable for the main stage machinery of the theater.

2. According to the material composition

1) Glass stage

2) Wooden stage

3) Stone stage


The role of the aluminum stage truss in the construction of the stage

Truss is used more and more frequently in modern society. Truss is indispensable in stage construction, and its role cannot be ignored. The stability of aluminum stage truss often touches many aspects. Analyse the design of aluminum stage truss Whether it can be stable and durable, simply talk about whether the aluminum alloy truss can meet the basic requirements of the balance of the composite body or the balance law of the force system. Let's talk about the trusses on the stage!

From the overall thinking, the large steel truss is 57m long and 15.8m high. Due to the length of the transportation equipment and the site conditions, it can only be manufactured in sections at the factory, pre-assembled and transported to the site in sections before assembly. The construction of the stage chooses the method of large steel truss aerial assembly and high-altitude segmentation device.It is different from aerial assembly. The operating conditions of high-altitude bulk assembly construction are poor. During the high-altitude docking process of the truss, the construction safety and the degree of truss verticality and welding quality control It's very difficult.

Aluminum alloy trusses must insist that the strength of the aluminum stage truss is strong enough, as long as sufficient strength is ensured to ensure that the truss does not collapse or deform, so as to ensure the stability of the stage built by these trusses or other exhibition stands, bridges, roofs, etc. And peace.

Therefore, it can be seen that the design of the truss also has a commensurate high request. The truss consists of a number of straight rods, which are generally flat or spatial load-bearing members with triangular cells. It must have a good connecting rod, superb welding technology, fair size and the most suitable raw materials.

Under the load of the truss, the truss members mainly accept axial pressure or tension, so that the strength of the data can be fully applied. When the span is large, the data can be saved compared with the solid web beam, reducing the weight and increasing the rigidity, so it is suitable for larger spans The load-bearing structures (such as roof trusses, supporting trusses, floor truss beams, bridges, crane bridges) and upright structures (such as transmission line towers, radio towers, satellite transmission towers).

The aluminum alloy truss must have sufficient rigidity. This depends on the truss not undergoing elastic variation when receiving a large enough pressure to change its shape and design appearance. Finally, the foundation is modified and improved to ensure that the truss has sufficient durable stability. In this way, the safety of the truss can make people feel more at ease, effectively avoiding other occurrences.


What is the appropriate height of the aluminum stage truss?

To build a aluminum stage truss, you need to consider not only the area of the stage and the lighting and sound equipment, but to achieve a good performance effect, the height of the aluminum stage truss is also a factor that needs to be considered, so how high is the appropriate aluminum stage truss?

Generally speaking, the height of the indoor aluminum stage truss is determined by the ceiling height and area. The conventional indoor height is not more than 4 meters. If the height of the aluminum stage truss is too short, the effect of the stage lighting and sound equipment will not be reflected. Except for special places, such as exhibition halls, large hotels, museums and other special buildings. The area also plays a crucial role in determining the height of the indoor aluminum stage truss. Generally speaking, the area and height of the stage should be kept in a certain proportion. Generally, the aluminum stage truss should be built to 4-8 meters high. Do not increase the height at will. The lighter truss rises too high, and the center of gravity of the entire system is too high, which is also prone to accidents. In this case, you can add some tie rods to stabilize the aluminum stage truss indoors or consult the manufacturer for advice.

The construction height of outdoor aluminum stage trusses is not limited by the ceiling height, but the height also needs to be based on some conditions: the area of the entire site, for small events, the height can be 4-8 meters. Generally this height is suitable for aluminum stage trusses of all specifications. If the site is large and the number of participants is too large, the required height will be higher, which may rise to more than 10 meters. This height requires special attention to safety issues. You can add long nails to the bottom of the aluminum stage truss to fix the truss column. Fixed cables or diagonal braces are added around the aluminum stage truss column for fixation.

The height of the aluminum stage truss cannot be increased arbitrarily, which is likely to cause accidents, and the height must be increased with sufficient preparations.


Precautions for aluminum stage truss

People's living conditions are getting better and better, and various cultural and entertainment activities are also common. From outdoor square dances to indoor various theatrical performances, they all show people's happy life posture. Among them, the stage, as the core component of an event, can be said to be the top priority. Many issues must be considered in the construction of aluminum stage trusses, such as lighting, the stability of the layers on the stage, and the load-bearing capacity of materials.

1. First of all, affirm the problem of stage height. During the construction process, we have to adjust the height of the stage according to the length and width of the auditorium, so that the effect of the stage can be perfectly reflected.

2. There is also that if the aluminum stage truss is too single, it will appear boring, but a reasonable design will give the stage a sense of hierarchy, and the effect will be completely opposite.

3. Reasonable considerations should also be made for the upper and lower passages of the actors on the stage to facilitate entry and exit. It is best not to set the passage to a staircase type, a slope type would be better.

4. The final issue is safety. Before the stage is set up, you must fully understand the static and dynamic loads of the stage during the activity to ensure that the stage will not collapse.

While considering various stages, it is still necessary to find a formal aluminum stage truss manufacturer. Whether it is an assembled stage or an aluminum alloy stage, you must purchase it from formal channels. Know in advance the type of stage suitable for your event and the reputation of the stage manufacturer. , This is the guarantee for your own activities and the safety of the whole field.


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