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Why choose to use galvanized scaffolding

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Introduction of Scaffolding galvanized

Scaffolding galvanized has low cost and high efficiency, and it is easy to disassemble and save labor. It can be hoisted as a whole after installation on the ground. scaffolding galvanized has a high load capacity, and the bearing capacity of M60 series poles can reach 19-21 tons.

Scaffolding galvanized abandons the problem of easy loss and easy damage to the mobile parts of traditional scaffolding, and compared with ordinary bowl buckle scaffolding, the amount of steel used is up to 2/3 or more saving, which greatly shortens the construction unit to a certain extent. The economic loss and capital expenditure.

Scaffolding galvanized is also called disc scaffolding, which is not the same type as wheel buckle scaffolding. Many people in China confuse scaffolding galvanized with wheel scaffolding, which is obviously wrong. scaffolding galvanized technology originated in Germany and is a mainstream product in Europe and America.


The origin of scaffolding galvanized

Scaffolding galvanized technology originated in Germany and is a mainstream product in Europe and America. The support frame is divided into vertical rods, cross rods, and inclined rods. There are eight holes on the disk, and four small holes are dedicated for cross rods; four large holes It is dedicated for diagonal poles. The connection method of the cross bar and the inclined bar are all bolt-type, which can ensure that the rods are firmly connected with the vertical rods. The cross bar and diagonal bar joints are specially made according to the arc of the pipe, and are in full-surface contact with the vertical steel pipe. After the bolt is tightened, the force is applied at three points (the joint is two points up and down and the bolt is at one point to the disc), which can be firmly fixed and increased. The structure is strong and transmits horizontal force. The crossbar head and the steel pipe body are fixed by full welding, and the force transmission is correct. The inclined rod head is a rotatable joint, and the inclined rod head is fixed to the steel tube body with rivets. As for the connection method of the vertical rod, the square tube connecting rod is the main method, and the connecting rod has been fixed on the vertical rod, and no additional joint components are required to combine, which can save the trouble of material loss and arrangement.


Scaffolding galvanized features

1. The installation and disassembly process is very simple, one or two people can complete it, and the structure is stable.

2. It can be docked, and the parts can be adjusted arbitrarily.

3. It completely replaces wood and does not require any auxiliary connecting materials.

4. High re-use rate reduces cost.

5. Realize the one-time pouring of concrete.

6. Save time, labor, materials and more security

Characteristics of Scaffolding galvanized 

1. Multifunctional. According to the construction requirements, it can form a variety of single-row, double-row scaffolding, support frames, support columns and other construction equipment with a modulus of 0.5m and other frame sizes and loads, and can be arranged in a curve.

2. Less structure, easy to carry and disassemble. The whole structure adopts the component-combined construction method, and the basic structure and special components can make the system adapt to various structures of arrow buildings.

3. It is more economical and saves the cost of working hours. The splicing speed of scaffolding galvanized is 0.5 times faster than that of bowl buckle scaffolding, which can reduce the labor time and labor compensation of construction personnel, and reduce the overall cost.


Scaffolding galvanized application range

scaffolding galvanized has a wide range of uses, and is generally used for supporting design in construction such as elevated bridges, tunnel engineering, plant construction, house construction, storage racking, basement construction, and overpasses. It is also used for the support design of elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc. and their special plants, and also suitable for overpasses, span scaffolds, storage shelves, chimneys, water towers and indoor and outdoor decoration.


Main accessories of scaffolding galvanized

Generally scaffolding galvanized consists of vertical poles, horizontal poles, vertical diagonal poles and some small accessories. Each accessory can have different product sizes according to different requirements.

1. A pole

The vertical rod is welded with a disc, and there are eight holes on the disc, of which four small holes are dedicated for the cross rod, and the four punched holes are dedicated for the diagonal rod. The poles are generally made of Q355B, Q345B, Q355, Q235 and other materials, with lengths ranging from 0.2 meters to 3.0 meters. The surface is generally hot-dip galvanized and painted.

2. Crossbar

Adopting standardized self-locking latch design, the crossbar joint is particularly dependent on the arc of the pipe, and it is in frontal contact with the vertical steel pipe. After the latch is tightened, it will receive three-point force, which can be firmly fixed, and the structural strength of the Zeng family can be transmitted. Horizontal force. Fully automatic professional welding process, with lengths ranging from 0.3 meters to 3 meters.


Advantages of scaffolding galvanized

The scaffolding galvanized adopts a uniform 500mm disc distance. With its vertical poles, diagonal poles and tripods, it can be built into bridge supports of different spans and different cross-sections, stage supports, lighting towers, bridge piers, safe climbing ladders, and traditional bridges. The formwork system is cumbersome and only suitable for specific specifications, which has great limitations. The buckle scaffold can be set up into formwork supports of different shapes and functions to meet the construction needs of various styles.

The galvanized scaffold adopts self-locking connecting plate and pin, and the pin can be locked by its own weight after being inserted, and its horizontal and vertical oblique bars make each unit a fixed triangular lattice structure. After being subjected to horizontal and vertical forces, it will not be deformed, and the scaffolding is a complete system. The scaffolding board and step ladder can play a role in ensuring the stability of the frame and the safety of workers, so it is compared with other laid scaffolds. , The hook pedal of the disc buckle scaffolding enhances the safety of the scaffold to a higher level. Each unit of the scaffolding galvanized is a lattice structure.

Scaffolding galvanized adopts a uniform hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, which completely eliminates the surface treatment of paint and spray paint. This kind of paint-free and rust-free surface treatment reduces the high per capita maintenance cost, and has a consistent appearance and beautiful atmosphere. The silver color also enhances the image of the project. The galvanized surface treatment method extends the life of the steel pipe to 15-20 years.

In the traditional bridge support construction, the spacing of most bowl buckle scaffolds is below 1.2 meters, even reaching 0.6 meters and 0.9 meters. This has the defect of insufficient space at the construction site, and workers cannot enter after the erection is completed. The frame body is checked and accepted in the middle, and even a thing is not easy to take out. And the galvanized scaffold pole of Suanjie is made of Q345b material, which improves the bearing capacity and allows the step distance and spacing of the scaffold to be enlarged, thus expanding the construction space and Acceptance space for supervision.

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