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What is the difference between aluminium stage truss and iron truss?

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What is an aluminium stage truss

aluminium stage trusses, also called trusses, are generally made of 6061-T6 aluminum through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting, etc. It is widely used in performances, exhibitions, event celebrations, background layout, lighting and sound hanging, etc. system. It can be built into various large, medium and small truss systems with different specifications according to the site, and can be combined flexibly according to specific requirements. Lightweight, easy to build and transport, the maximum span can reach more than 30 meters, the aluminum is extremely resistant to compression, corrosion and durability. According to the shape, it can be divided into square (angle) frame, tripod and special-shaped frame. According to the installation category, it can be divided into bolt type truss and screw type truss.


Use of aluminium stage truss

aluminium stage trusses are supporting members used in the construction of many equipment structures, from lighting equipment used for large-scale indoor or outdoor activities to actual members of roof systems used to support roof loads. These supporting members are completely made of hollow aluminum tubes, which can be cylindrical or square. Structurally, cylindrical is more conducive to load-bearing structures, and aluminium stage trusses can be used more than most people notice. , From the simple display of the storefront or outdoor festival to the structural roof system to support the lighting arrangement of the concert venue. aluminium stage trusses can be used to support sound or lighting equipment during outdoor concerts. The design of aluminium stage truss allows it to be structurally used for many different purposes. Generally, an aluminium stage truss system is a four-tube system connected together by a series of brackets that operate in a vertical and diagonal manner to support any type of weighted load, regardless of the direction of the force exerted on the truss system by the load . These aluminium stage truss systems are designed to be as versatile as any material and more versatile than many other materials. There are many different series or values of aluminium stage truss systems, from light to heavy, more structural, and different levels of systems have different performance and rated weight. In large-scale music concerts, electric trusses are often used. As the use level decreases, the size and shape of the truss components will also change. Where truss systems are used in the structural sense, for example, in elevated aisles or lighting layout houses, the size and overall shape of the truss system is usually arranged by a series of four-pillars connected together by a series of cross supports, such as storefronts. For displays or large outdoor display installations, the shape of the truss system may change from a four-post system to a triangular three-post system, although in most cases it is still connected by a series of beams. When the aluminium stage truss system is only used for decorative purposes, no structural strength is required, and the truss system used is usually a double-column ladder system. It usually consists of two main support columns. The pillars are connected by a staggered system of beams. The cost of different aluminium stage truss systems directly depends on the design of the required structure. How many different types of cross-sections are required will also affect the cost and the manufacturer who provides the system. The best results are often produced through research, allowing consumers to determine the most reasonable price supply.


What is the difference between aluminium stage truss and iron truss

Science and technology change lives, and people's material life improves. You can hope that there will be more entertainment projects, so entertainment activities and various performances begin to increase. I believe that many people must have seen large-scale performances, exhibitions, weddings, promotions, etc. It is very lively, and the pair of trusses built must have been seen. Sharp-eyed people can tell at a glance that the trusses used are almost all made of aluminum alloy, that is, aluminium stage trusses. Without him, the bright silver is too dazzling, and it is difficult to think of it. But in addition, there is actually another kind of truss that we often use, which is the iron truss. What's the difference?

1. Iron trusses are cheap for aluminium stage trusses, but their appearance and life are not as high as aluminium stage trusses. Iron trusses are susceptible to external factors and high transportation costs.

2. The aluminium stage truss is light and convenient to build the stage, and the building shape is not fixed, so we can build the stage we want as we want, creating a unique effect.

3. The aluminium stage truss is not only very convenient and beautiful to build, but also has no volatile metal on the surface oxide layer. It has a unique shape, beautiful appearance, strong brightness, and will not rust. It can be used in any different indoor and outdoor occasions. The service life is much longer than that of the iron stage, and the post-maintenance work is very simple.

aluminium stage trusses have become the mainstream of modern stage construction. Different types of aluminium stage trusses meet the various design needs of users and build a creative stage. Aluminum alloy stage trusses have become a good helper for stage building.


What are the advantages of aluminium stage trusses compared to iron trusses

With the rapid development of society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the concept of pursuing leisure and entertainment to improve spiritual culture has also become popular. Various events, large-scale performances, weddings, etc. have become popular programs, which have also driven the development of their supporting products. The construction of these stages uses aluminium stage trusses and stages. Aluminum alloy gives us the feeling that it is light and portable. There are also some iron trusses that may be used. Compared with iron trusses, what are the obvious advantages of aluminium stage trusses?

aluminium stage trusses look gorgeous and beautiful than iron trusses, and they are more stable in the air than iron. Therefore, aluminium stage trusses are not easy to corrode and have a long service life. Iron trusses are easily affected by the external environment and cause rust. Damaged, and the weight of iron is heavy, resulting in higher transportation and construction costs than aluminium stage trusses.

The aluminium stage truss is simple and quick to build the stage, and the shape of the building can be changed as needed, which can create a distinctive style and effect. aluminium stage trusses are not only easy to build and beautiful, but iron trusses are bulky due to their material characteristics and bear the influence of heavy sound, which makes it difficult to achieve the performance of aluminium stage trusses.

The aluminium stage trusses produced by our factory are well-selected, advanced in design, and of high quality. They are well received by customers. We will continue to improve our products and services, and strive to provide customers with better services.

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